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Decorate furnishing

District Wanchai
Posted 7/30/2016
Contact: Ke
Price: 100 HKD

Details ID: 66254c1a-0c7f-4421-89a2-8aece3bb20fd

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Moving – New Framed Oil Painting

District Midlevels Central
Posted 7/30/2016
Contact: BB
Price: 600 HKD

Size: 53cm x 43cm

Clear off apart of painting collection.

Silver Wooden Frame

Asking: $600

Pick up location: Hong Kong Station

Details ID: 84b490a7-cbe9-4928-bb3d-03d0a777b00b

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Silver wooden framed Oil Painting A11008

District Midlevels Central
Posted 7/30/2016
Contact: BB
Price: 1000 HKD

Size: 63cm x 74cm

Frame Material: Silver Wooden

Asking: $1000

Details ID: 0f98fb1d-b690-4729-8e91-aef1a3a8f518

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Signed Greece Santorini Painting

District Quarry Bay
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: p
Price: 499 HKD

Bought in an small shop in Santorini was Euro 220
Let go for HKD 499
with artist signed
Excellent condition , no any defect, all clean, very relaxing scene and color
Framed already,no need to cost you money to frame.
two metal hooks at back, ready to go!

Size: 40cm (W) x 30cm(H)

It suits any styles and any place indoor, easy to match.

Serious buyer please what’s app P @90946878
We accept in cash.

Details ID: 171b56e6-1c39-4268-ae45-b1147c6f1ae6

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Map of the world

District Soho
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: Lai
Price: 480 HKD

Poster of old map of the world. Wood frame size 6x 5 inch with one inch surrounding..

Details ID: c3863a69-ff75-4241-80ef-e9d259d10f08

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Chinese water color painting: Shek

District New Territories
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: -
Price: 600 HKD

frammed with wooden scoll bar
picture size around: 18 x 32 inches
whole size around: 22 x 70 inches
Price reduced to HK$600
welcome for viewing at Tuen Mun
interested, please leave a contact number

Details ID: 4a9c9bd8-2ff8-4d22-b95f-635dc7d66719

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Chinese water color painting: Wu

District New Territories
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: -
Price: 600 HKD

A nice and good artwork Chinese watercolor painting
picture size : 27 x 27 inches
whole size with wooden scroll bar : 29 x 75 inches
Welcome for viewing
interested, please leave a contact number

Details ID: b1629832-d3e4-4b5a-a27e-28e5863de0d7

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Vietnamese artwork by war victims

District Lantau Island
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: VC
Price: 650 HKD

Framed Vietnamese hand-embroidered art work.
It was hand stitched by the victims of agent orange in Vietnam.

Frame is black with red & white background.

Width 83 cm. Height 98.5 cm

Asking for 650HKD

Self pick-up at Tung Chung

Please whatsapp or SMS 9277-3749

Details ID: edb78aa1-a8ed-406a-8109-7c7e0d4e56bf

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Architectural drawing board

District Lantau Island
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: VC
Price: 350 HKD

Large size architectural drawing board for professional use with parallel motion unit.

105cm x 75cm. In good condition.
Asking for $350

Self pick-up at Tung Chung.

Please whatsapp/SMS 9277-3749 for details.

Details ID: 32b6544a-09cf-4098-8008-ddf31ca8ceae

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Large DRAGON Woodblock Printing

District Kowloon
Posted 7/29/2016
Contact: Luxor 9213 9791 Whatsapp ONLY
Price: 2500 HKD

Large HUGE Chinese Traditional Woodblock printing of five Dragons

Bought this printing was last yesr for new home, but my family dont like it. Willing to sell it for someone interested chinese traditional home decor.
Never hang on wall has been stored out of the light room and well packed so it is in its original condition with the colors as vibrant as they were when printed.
All photos is with natural light.

What about Woodblock printing:

Woodblock printing is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely
throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on
textiles and later paper.
As a method of printing on cloth, the earliest surviving examples from China date to before 220,
and woodblock printing remained the most common East Asian method of printing books and other texts,
as well as images, until the 19th century.

Colour woodblock printing
The earliest woodblock printing known is in colour—Chinese silk from the Han Dynasty printed in three colours.[3]
On paper, European woodcut prints with coloured blocks were invented in Germany in 1508 and are known as chiaroscuro woodcuts.
Colour is very common in Asian woodblock printing on paper; in China the first known example is a Diamond sutra of 1341, printed in black and red at the Zifu Temple in modern day Hubei province. The earliest dated book printed in more than 2 colours is Chengshi moyuan, a book on ink-cakes printed in 1606 and the technique reached its height in books on art published in the first half of the 17th century. Notable examples are the Hu Zhengyan's Treatise on the Paintings and Writings of the Ten Bamboo Studio of 1633, and the Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual published in 1679 and 1701.[17]
In Japan, a multi-colour technique, called nishiki-e ("brocade pictures"), spread more widely, and was used for prints, from the 1760s on. Japanese woodcut became a major artistic form, although at the time it was accorded a much lower status than painting.
In both Europe and Japan, book illustrations were normally printed in black ink only, and colour reserved for individual artistic prints. In China, the reverse was true, and colour printing was used mainly in books on art and erotica.

Dimensions: 95cm x 78cm (frame included)

Please look carefully to verify of dimensions.

Let it go $2500

Details ID: cbea8fbe-8bfc-4d20-8989-c1be7935218a

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