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Joyce Meyer Books

District Kowloon
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: seller
Price: 100 HKD

Brand New Joyce Meyer Books.
Excellent condition.
Hard cover

-God is Not Mad at You
-Making Marriage Work
-The Power of Simple Prayer
-The Battlefield of the Mind (Commemorative Edition)
-Change Your Words, Change Your Life

-Walking into Walls -5 Blind Spots That Block God's Work in You by Stephen ARTERBURN

$100 each

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Indonesian books/novels

District Kowloon
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: dd
Price: 3 HKD


Selling all the Indonesian novels/books from decades ago until now.

Enyd Blyton series, Mira W, V Lestari, Marga T etc etc...great condition!

$3-$10 each what you're looking for and I'll let you know!

ID: a78900e8-7366-4214-b160-15b03bc7fdf7

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Great books, Great authors

District Kowloon
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: SS
Price: 20 HKD

6 Great books and Great authors
Great condition

Steve Martini - SHADOW of POWER (NY Times bestseller)
John Sandford - HIDDEN PREY (NY Times bestseller author)
Julie Garwood - the BRIDE (NY Times bestselling author)
Christina Skye - COME the NIGHT (bestselling author)
BILL GATES Business @ the SPEED of THOUGHT using a digital nervous system (hard copy)

$20-$50 each or take all 5 for $150

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District Kowloon
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: SS
Price: 300 HKD

WORLD CURRENCY BOOK with coins of countries in the world inside.

Excellent mint new condition.


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Summer Reading

District Midlevels Central
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: Ugh
Price: 150 HKD

2 brand new Big Nate
I am Not The Loser
Tom Gates

Excellent condition
Bought for $90-120 each, now all for $150

ID: 5e3b39ff-3ad4-4618-8607-63537c1dd9f3

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Excellent French & Italian Learning

District Happy Valley
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: Seller
Price: 430 HKD

Excellent French & Italian Learning Tools to Students

1) Italian Learning

The all-in-one guide to understanding and speaking Italian – from beginner to fluency

It helps to:
Perfects your pronunciation with six CDs featuring native speakers;
Builds vocabulary with word lists, key phrases, and model sentences;
Explains essential grammar;
Develops conversational skills through interactive exercises;
Provides insight into Italian life and culture.

No use to my children
** Brand new **

2) Excellent French Learning
* Three (3) 70 minute CDs help you perfect your pronunciation by imitating native speakers
* Builds vocabulary through world lists, key phases, and model sentences
* Explain essential grammar
* Develop conversation through exercises based on real-life scenarios

Excellent to students or beginners
Brand new & unopened
With Original Package


ID: 20e10cb8-8937-4cf0-8198-58d7572ba06e

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Get Writing! & Red Ditty Books - RWI

District Causeway Bay
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: Seller
Price: 240 HKD

By Oxford University Press

1) Get Writing! Pink Book 3 & Grey Book 7 – 2 Books
The books contain a range of writing activities and these activities include: 1) Remembering and writing a sentence, 2) Finding spelling and punctuation errors in a sentence & 3) Writing captions for picture strips. Teaching notes are provided at the front of each book.

2) Get Writing! Red Ditty Book 6-10 – 5 Books
They provide a guided introduction to the writing of whole sentences. Each book has four Ditties and there are two writing activities for each Ditty: ‘Complete a sentence’ and ‘Hold a sentence’.

Fixed $240 for all 7 books

All books are brand new.
For example, some books are used in Band 1 schools.

ID: 24acde7a-93c8-4cd6-a6e1-6ebca9ae55ab

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著名張曼娟小學堂 3 (12 CDs)

District Causeway Bay
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: 張曼娟
Price: 300 HKD

12堂優選課程 12 CDs
內咐 [從經典中學好作文 -老師劃重點] 一小本

第十三課 道可道,非常道-老子不是「老子」
第十四課 材與不材之間-愛講故事的莊子
第十五課 大俠與鉅子-兼愛非攻的墨子
第十六課 欲上青天攬明月-謫仙李白
第十七課 紅豆生南國-詩佛王維
第十八課 天蒼蒼,野茫茫 -邊塞詩
第十九課 誰在寫歷史-詠史詠人古今會
第二十課 古文家的寓言-柳宗元《三戒》
第二十一課 醉翁其實很清醒-歐陽修的論說與遊記
第二十二課 亡國之君,詞中之帝-李後主的際遇與才情
第二十三課 竹杖芒鞋輕勝馬-蘇東坡
第二十四課 你也是中文達人

Original $798
Now $300

ID: f0a5a247-0390-4d76-9c2b-1c11554539ea

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children's books - PC cast + kristin cas

District Midlevels West
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: whatsapp 92290591
Price: 15 HKD

- A Goddess of Partholon Novel:

1. Elphame's Choice
2. Divine by blood

-A House of night novel

1. Awakened
2. Burned
3. Tempted
4. Hunted
5. Untamed
6. Chosen
7. Marked
8. Betrayed

Special discount for all 10 ($140)
99.9% new...

Enjoy all these novels in this summer vacation...

ID: 34c83199-eb05-40a0-94f0-79b5cc92066f

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Great Books of the Western World--set

District Lantau Island
Posted 6/28/2016
Contact: 53262620
Price: 4000 HKD

Lovers of literature and knowledge, attention!
Available now, the full set of Brittanica's Great Books of the Western World--a wealth of information and knowledge on your bookshelf!

Unused, in superb condition!

Call or SMS or WhatsApp now at 53262620

Made up of 54 volumes, this set is comprised of the following:

Volumes 1 and 2 of this collection are the Syntopicon®, a unique two-volume guide (not sold separately) that enables you to investigate a particular idea and compare what different authors have to say about it. The Syntopicon® comprises a new kind of reference work - accomplishing for ideas what the dictionary accomplishes for words and the encyclopædia accomplishes for facts. Also included is Great Conversation, featuring fascinating background information, extensive timelines, photos and quotes from the classic works and their authors.
Volume Information - books' spines guide you quickly to the four subject areas:
GREEN: Novels, Short Stories, Plays and Poetry
Vol. 3 — Homer
Vol. 4 — Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes
Vol.12 — Virgil
Vol.19 — Dante, Chaucer
Vol.22 — Rabelais
Vol.24 — Shakespeare (part I)
Vol.25 — Shakespeare (part II)
Vol.27 — Cervantes
Vol.29 — Milton
Vol.31 — Molière, Racine
Vol.34 — Swift, Voltaire, Diderot
Vol.45 — Goethe, Balzac
Vol.46 — Austen, George Eliot
Vol.47 — Dickens
Vol.48 — Melville, Twain
Vol.51 — Tolstoy
Vol.52 — Dostoevsky, Ibsen
RED: Philosophy and Religion
Vol. 8 — Plato
Vol. 7 — Aristotle (part I)
Vol. 8 — Aristotle (part II)
Vol.11 — Lucretius, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Plotinus
Vol.16 — Augustine
Vol.17 — Aquinas (part I)
Vol.18 — Aquinas (part II)
Vol.20 — Calvin
Vol.28 — Bacon, Descartes, Spinoza
Vol.30 — Pascal
Vol.33 — Locke, Berkeley, Hume
Vol.39 — Kant
Vol.43 — Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche
BLUE: History, Politics, Economics and Ethics
Vol. 5 — Herodotus, Thucydides
Vol.13 — Plutarch
Vol.14 — Tacitus
Vol.21 — Machiavelli, Hobbes
Vol.23 — Erasmus, Montaigne
Vol.35 — Montesquieu, Rousseau
Vol.36 — Adam Smith
Vol.37 — Gibbon (part I)
Vol.38 — Gibbon (part II)
Vol.40 — J.S. Mill
Vol.41 — Boswell
Vol.44 — Tocqueville
Vol.50 — Marx, Engels

GREY: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Vol. 9 — Hippocrates, Galen
Vol.10 — Euclid, Archimedes, Nicomachus
Vol.15 — Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler
Vol.26 — Gilbert, Galileo, Harvey
Vol.32 — Newton, Huygens
Vol.42 — Lavoisier, Faraday
Vol.49 — Darwin
Vol.53 — William James
Vol.54 — Freud

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