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Australia Delicious magazine-back issue

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: DL
Price: :15 HKD

Voted Australia's award-winning premium food magazine. paid $80 a copy. $10 each for 10 copies or more.

2002: Issues 4, 9, 10
2003: Issues 16, 18
2004: Issues 24, 25, 26, 33, 34
2005: Issues 38, 39, 44,45
2006: Issues 51, 52, 53, 54, 55
2007: Issues 57, 58, 59, 64
2008: Issues 67, 68, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77
2009: Issues 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 88, September issue
2010: Issues 96, 97, 98, 99
2011: Issues 104, 106
2014: Issues 138

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YOU: The Owner's Manual (Hardback)

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Paul (68906329)
Price: :150 HKD

I received this as a gift. It is still brand new. I have not read the book and will sell it for HKD 150.

The book is retailing at HK$215.95 at Book Depository.

Please contact me at 68906329 if you are interested in getting this book.

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The Foster Factory by David Learmont.

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Jane Robertson
Price: :90 HKD

An elderly couple become foster carers in their mid-sixties. Witty, sardonic, sad and hilarious. Paperback, kindle and nook book. Stylish writing with an elegant turn of phrase. A non-fiction book with two intrepid oldies.

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Longman CD-ROM Dictionary English-Chines

District Causeway Bay
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Seller
Price: :120 HKD

Longman CD-ROM Dictionary of Contemporary English (English-Chinese)
朗文當代高級辭典 CD-ROM (英英‧英漢雙解)

207,000 words, phrases and meanings
155,000 natural examples
More than 250 usage notes on word choice, useful for vocabulary-building
14 full-page colour illustrations
The 3,000 most common words in written and spoken English are marked
Language Notes give guidance on important grammar and usage to help avoid common mistakes


$120 hkd (brand new)

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A Dundee Detective by David Aitken.

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Jane Robertson
Price: :90 HKD

A slick assured modern thriller set in Scotland. A Chinese student has gone missing and local detective Scott Learmont is hired by her uncle Cliff Kwan to find her. What follows is a stylish tale of murder, mayhem and romance in bonnie Dundee.

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Excellent French & Italian Learning Tool

District Happy Valley
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Seller
Price: :550 HKD

Excellent French & Italian Learning Tools to Students

1) Italian Learning

The all-in-one guide to understanding and speaking Italian – from beginner to fluency

It helps to:
Perfects your pronunciation with six CDs featuring native speakers;
Builds vocabulary with word lists, key phrases, and model sentences;
Explains essential grammar;
Develops conversational skills through interactive exercises;
Provides insight into Italian life and culture.

** Brand new **

2) Excellent French Learning
* Three (3) 70 minute CDs help you perfect your pronunciation by imitating native speakers
* Builds vocabulary through world lists, key phases, and model sentences
* Explain essential grammar
* Develop conversation through exercises based on real-life scenarios

Excellent to students or beginners
Brand new & unopened
With Original Package


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Enopi / Eyelevel Maths Exercises (Used)

District Happy Valley
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Seller
Price: :100 HKD

A) Basic Thinking
Level - Quantity
L3 – 9 pieces
L4 – 13 pieces
L5 – 17 pieces
L6 – 14 pieces
L7 – 11 pieces
L8 – 14 pieces
L11 – 24 pieces
L12 – 16 pieces
L13 – 17 pieces
L14 – 17 pieces
L15 – 2 pieces
L16 – 1 pieces

B) Critical Thinking
Level - Quantity
L2 – 5 pieces
L3 – 12 pieces
L4 – 12 pieces
L5 – 11 pieces
L6 – 10 pieces
L7 – 14 pieces
L8 – 12 pieces
L13 – 4 pieces

- All exercises are done by pencil and checked by red ball pen by teacher. They may not be in order.
* $5 per book and minimum purchase: $100

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Phonics – Early Start to Kids - Oxford

District Happy Valley
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: Seller
Price: :240 HKD

By Oxford University Press

1) Early Start Book 1-3, Phonics (3 books)
It’s a series of activity books designed to help non-native speakers of English to acquire phonics knowledge. It's for kindergarten and primary school students.

* Uses interesting stories to bring out target sounds;
* Integrates activity-based learning with rhymes and songs to enrich the sound learning experience;
* Use colourful illustrations to motivate students and introduce vocabulary with the target sounds;
* Includes a wide variety of interactive activities for teachers and parents to revise sounds with students;
* Encourages students to reflect on their own learning through self-assessment.

2) Speed Sounds, Read Write Inc. (RWI) Phonics (3 books)
- Learn sounds and the corresponding letters/letter group using simple picture prompts;
- Learn to read words using sound blending;
- Learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent the 44 sounds;
- Learn to write words by saying the sounds and graphemes;

Speed Sounds Set 1 - Foundation Level K2 – P1
Speed Sounds Set 2 - Elementary Level
Speed Sounds Sets 1-2 Foundation Level P2 - P4

**All are brand new**
** Fixed $240 hkd for 6 books (3 Speed Sounds + 3 Early Start Books)

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age 3-7 book set

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: 9289-9251 ms chan
Price: :500 HKD

4/By USBORNE x 6pc set thick girls story books
was $750—————now $500.

5/Magical story for 3-7 girls x 12pc set
was $420—————now $200.

6/why should I x7pc set boys book
was $490—————-now $250.

7/DORA x7pc set girl book
was $350——————-now $200.

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age 3-7 books set

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/9/2015
Contact: 9289-9251 ms chan
Price: :600 HKD

Age 3-7 sliver Tales (Hinkler )x 15pc set books.
was $1200—————now $600.

2/Helping hand by Sarah Duches x12 pc girl set books

3/ By Pai THomas 7pc set
was $500———-now $250.
mint cond.

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