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Books for the Little Ones

District Quarry Bay
Posted 2/7/2016
Contact: Seller
Price: 80 HKD

1. Your Baby Can Read - My First Words ($60)
- 6 Mini Sliding Board Books
- Suitable for ages 6+ Months and up
- Each colourful page introduces words in large, easy to read print.
- 6 subjects: Home Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden, Bedroom and Play.
- Pull-out tabs reveal a hidden picture in peek-a-boo fashion, displaying colorful photographs that define each word.
- Perfect for little hands, and small enough to take along on trips.
- Kids love these mini-sliding board books that teach familiar objects from around the house.
- Each book measures 10.1 cm x 9.5 cm x 1.3 cm.
- Except the one on Play which has a little scratch peel on the edge, all books are still in very good used condition.

2. Dora's Happy Dance SoftPlay Book ($30)
- Hand puppet book by Soft Play. Suitable for babies of 6 months and up.
- This book by Soft Play is an interactive book about Dora. You can tuck Dora into the pocket for peek-a-boo fun and surprise. Consists of 7 colourful pages of story. Size measures 19 cm x 17.5 cm or 30 cm x 17.5 cm if Dora is included.
- Book is still in excellent clean condition. In fact, it's just been hand-washed again before putting back. Comes with a carrying case as well.

Selling both items as a set for just $80 or take each as priced and pick up from Quarry Bay MTR ONLY.

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張曼娟小學堂 3 (12 CDs)

District Happy Valley
Posted 2/7/2016
Contact: Seller
Price: 300 HKD

12堂優選課程 12 CDs
內咐 [從經典中學好作文 -老師劃重點] 一小本

第十三課 道可道,非常道-老子不是「老子」
第十四課 材與不材之間-愛講故事的莊子
第十五課 大俠與鉅子-兼愛非攻的墨子
第十六課 欲上青天攬明月-謫仙李白
第十七課 紅豆生南國-詩佛王維
第十八課 天蒼蒼,野茫茫 -邊塞詩
第十九課 誰在寫歷史-詠史詠人古今會
第二十課 古文家的寓言-柳宗元《三戒》
第二十一課 醉翁其實很清醒-歐陽修的論說與遊記
第二十二課 亡國之君,詞中之帝-李後主的際遇與才情
第二十三課 竹杖芒鞋輕勝馬-蘇東坡
第二十四課 你也是中文達人

Original $798
Now $300

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Phonics – Early Start to Kids - Oxford

District Happy Valley
Posted 2/7/2016
Contact: Seller
Price: 240 HKD

By Oxford University Press

1) Early Start Book 1-3, Phonics (3 books)
It’s a series of activity books designed to help non-native speakers of English to acquire phonics knowledge. It's for kindergarten and primary school students.

* Uses interesting stories to bring out target sounds;
* Integrates activity-based learning with rhymes and songs to enrich the sound learning experience;
* Use colourful illustrations to motivate students and introduce vocabulary with the target sounds;
* Includes a wide variety of interactive activities for teachers and parents to revise sounds with students;
* Encourages students to reflect on their own learning through self-assessment.

2) Speed Sounds, Read Write Inc. (RWI) Phonics (3 books)
- Learn sounds and the corresponding letters/letter group using simple picture prompts;
- Learn to read words using sound blending;
- Learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent the 44 sounds;
- Learn to write words by saying the sounds and graphemes;

Speed Sounds Set 1 - Foundation Level K2 – P1
Speed Sounds Set 2 - Elementary Level
Speed Sounds Sets 1-2 Foundation Level P2 - P4

**All are brand new**
** Fixed $240 hkd for 6 books (3 Speed Sounds + 3 Early Start Books)

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Excellent French & Italian Learning Tool

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 2/7/2016
Contact: Chris
Price: 500 HKD

1) Italian Learning

The all-in-one guide to understanding and speaking Italian – from beginner to fluency

It helps to:
Perfects your pronunciation with six CDs featuring native speakers;
Builds vocabulary with word lists, key phrases, and model sentences;
Explains essential grammar;
Develops conversational skills through interactive exercises;
Provides insight into Italian life and culture.

No use to my children
** Brand new **

2) Excellent French Learning
* Three (3) 70 minute CDs help you perfect your pronunciation by imitating native speakers
* Builds vocabulary through world lists, key phases, and model sentences
* Explain essential grammar
* Develop conversation through exercises based on real-life scenarios

Excellent to students or beginners
Brand new & unopened
With Original Package


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Oxford Story Tree Pack (Red Boods)

District Midlevels Central
Posted 2/7/2016
Contact: JY 93396668
Price: 80 HKD

Oxford Story Tree Level 1 Red Books

Pack consists of six books, six workbooks and 1 CD

At School
The Library
The Hair Cut
The Lost Teddy
A New Dog
What a Bad Doy

$80 to clear

Please call or whatsapp 93396668

Send Message ID: 59b5d470-1520-40e5-9a8c-772e60bab407

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Getting into university Oxford Cambridge

District North Point
Posted 2/6/2016
Contact: whatsapp: +14243385736 (pls add the "+" sign)
Price: 500 HKD

Hi, I am selling several materials which are very helpful for prestigious university (like Oxford, Cambridge etc.) applications:

Reference books for Law (appointed by the Universities)(written by fellows from Oxbridge):
HKD100 What About Law?: Studying Law at University - Catherine Barnard, Janet O'Sullivan, Graham Virgo (Editor)
HKD200 Letters to a Law student - Nicholas J McBride
HKD150 AQA AS Law textbook (Nelson Thorns)

Exclusive - a handy guide for aspiring students:
HKD100 Getting into Oxbridge

They are all under excellent Condition - like new!!!
HKD500 for all 4!!!

whatsapp: +14243385736 (pls add the "+" sign)
North Point MTR meet up

Send Message ID: 13f3e101-4e8b-4773-9c49-9082ef801214

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Rolex bible

District Midlevels West
Posted 2/6/2016
Contact: Jimmy
Price: 600 HKD

Rolex bible book. First edition. Sell at 600
Whatsapp 93080950

Send Message ID: f8780999-83ef-4d36-a2c6-39798218d9c2

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Erin Hunter "Warriors" Booksets for Sale

District South Side
Posted 2/6/2016
Contact: ST -9237-0204
Price: 200 HKD

Erin Hunter Books For Sale:

We have the following sets of children's "Warriors" books written by Erin Hunter.

1: "Warriors" -Full Set Volumes 1-6 HKD $200
2: "The New Prophecy" -Full Set Volumes 1-6 HKD $200
3: "The Power of Three" -Full Set Volumes 1-6 HKD $200
4. "Omen of the Stars: Volumes 1-5 (Hardcover) HKD $200

Hardcovers: $500 for all (worth $1500 at full price)
*Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy
*Warriors Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny
*Warriors Super Edition: Firestar's Quest
*Warriors Super Edition: Crookedstar's Promise
*Secrets of the Clans
*Battles of the Clans
*Codes of the Clans
*Cats of the Clans

Manga Comic: The Rescue HKD $25
Manga Comic: The Heart of a Warrior HKD $25

Please call or What's App: 9237-0204

Send Message ID: 8455ed73-3f2e-4a6b-affd-a52d89bc01ed

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Disney Encyclopedia Books in Mandarin

District Pokfulam
Posted 2/6/2016
Contact: Keith
Price: 500 HKD

Disney Encyclopedia Books with CD P1-P6 in Mandarin Full set 20 pcs

Original HKD1800 and Now 500 Fixed. Those who bargain take no response

No Reservation, First come first Serve,
ONLY Pickup at Quarry Bay MTR Exit C or Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Pokfulam.
Contact: Keith by Whatsapp 9686 0303

Send Message ID: 88bf92e3-a84a-4520-bd1a-ef467c21d401

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Emerging Metropolis Asia (Brand New)

District New Territories
Posted 2/6/2016
Contact: Book
Price: 200 HKD

Emerging Metropolis Asia: Kai Tak, Hong Kong : a Spectacular Transformation

We have bid farewell to the airport that witnessed the flourishing of Hong Kong. From then on, we have kept our vision for ever-greater success and our dreams for Kai Tak will soon come true.This venerable location is about to enchant the world with a totally new face innovative planning ideas are going to reshape Kai Tak into a 「New Metropolis of Asia」 a thriving new downtown with the greatest tourist attractions the Asia Pacific Region has ever seen. A New Legend in a Familiar Place – Hong Kong is set to take off at Kai Tak once again.

ISBN-10: 9626785012
ISBN-13: 9789626785010

300 pages
Price in book shop: HKD $450
Price Now: HKD $200
Brand new wrapped in plastic foil

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