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Wonderful and useful CHINESE BOOKS

District Wong Tai Sin
Posted 10/20/2016
Contact: Alden Chan
Phone: 94138816
Price: 100 HKD

There are 3 chinese books which i want to sell at $100 only whereas the real price is above $220.
These are very meaningful and useful books too.
Moreover ,I have 4 more chinese books selling at $50 each ,
If you are interested in these books ,
Plz feel to to call me or WHATSAPP me 94138816.

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Pleasure Vessel Operator's Handbook plus

District Tai Kok Tsui
Posted 10/20/2016
Contact: What's App Catherine
Phone: 96166726
Price: 350 HKD

Pleasure Vessel Operator's Handbook plus Practice Cards by D A Taylor and N J Robinson. Excellent conidition.

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District Pokfulam
Posted 10/20/2016
Contact: M
Phone: 60209988
Price: 90 HKD

Poker book for sell asking 90, book from Christopher pike selling 30 and the last book selling 40 or take all 3 for 150 trade in central,

Details ID: 52eb5a57-5788-4f8e-94cb-b0976bda959a

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Health and well being

District North Point
Posted 10/20/2016
Contact: Ms Chan
Phone: Not specified
Price: 100 HKD

$100 for both. New!
1. Massage for Pain relief
2. Whispering of Angel

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28 Destinations for Leisure and Pleasure

Posted 10/20/2016
Contact: martha
Phone: Not specified
Price: 150 HKD

Mexico: 28 Destinations for Leisure and Pleasure

Full color, never read
A must have for those interested in travelling to Mexico

Publisher: Bucher Publishing
191 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-7658-1637-6

Originally paid $400
now $150 fixed

Details ID: 3aa25e10-ecc6-4d85-9879-8d8e8feddb5e

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English Grammar

District Kowloon
Posted 10/19/2016
Contact: seller
Phone: 61803728
Price: 80 HKD

English Grammars

$80 each

$200 for all

Interested parties, pls leave msg or whatsapp 61803728

Details ID: a5fa9cfa-bcc1-4e58-b2e5-69ab6f7846cc

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Law textbooks for PCLL conversion exams

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/19/2016
Contact: Cristy
Phone: 59951989
Price: 1 HKD

Hi there, I have a whole selection of textbooks and journal articles that covers the curriculum for PCLL law conversion exams in HK for the following subjects: Commercial Law, Business Association, Hong Kong Legal System and Criminal Procedure. The textbooks are all new and most are unopened, and include the latest edition available (including a fair number of 2015 and 2016 editions where available). I have decided not to proceed with the conversion exams so am looking to sell these materials. My only restriction is that I will sell in a subject bundle only, not individual textbooks for the sake of my own sanity given the sheer number of books involved. More details are listed below although format is difficult to read. Happy to send this information directly to you if interested. Pls text me if interested on 5995 1989.

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The 30 Days total Health Makeover

Posted 10/19/2016
Contact: Abbey
Phone: Not specified
Price: 140 HKD

By marilu Henner, Laura Morton
100% new, unread
$140HKD, fixed price

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Principles of Neural Science, Third edit

District Sai Ying Pun
Posted 10/19/2016
Contact: Din
Phone: 98270365
Price: 150 HKD

Principles of neural Science, third edition- Eric R. Kandel in good condition as new (original price 385 HKD). For those interested in basic neuroscience. Happy reading

Details ID: d50f1294-1d62-4e57-80ad-f44f9a0bf3e8

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Disney Encyclopedia books and CD

District Fortress Hill
Posted 10/19/2016
Contact: Psm
Phone: 53285909
Price: 300 HKD

20 pcs of books ,20 pcs of CD

Details ID: 39801c39-8696-4574-876f-7df852dbb37f