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Sunday, 9/21/2014

Books & Magazines

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How to say it

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 9/15/2014
Contact: How to say it
ID: 0c77e932-e85c-40f9-8c46-dd1a88c3fe23

The buzz words to get you that interview and more ....
By KAPLAN of course.  Immaculate condition
Whatsapp 9200-3209.

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Thomas the tank Engine Story library collect x 65 books

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Cheese
ID: b236df36-67b1-47ea-9107-2af47d9ee9d4

Brand New 65 books The Thomas the tank Engine Story library collection.
Delivery any MTR station.

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American Idioms Dictionary

District Other
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Central
ID: 1078a1e0-6fb6-427a-a795-cf8e686a1e0a

Provides 14000 examples of usage and more than 7500 idiomatic forms in American English
The most practical and up-to-date reference for learners
625 pages
Size 6" x 9"
Printed and bought in the USA
Excellent condition
Asking HKD150

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The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

District Other
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Central
ID: 38c9888a-490c-4e24-8cc7-f63377365463

Discusses all things aromatic, from essential oils to garden plants
Recipes for blending essential oils and practical tips for creating perfumes and beauty products
Color photographs illustrate step-by-step a full-body aromatherapy massage
Size: 19 x 25 x 2cm
Printed in Italy
302 pages
Excellent condition
Asking HKD200

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Vintage Japanese Knitting Book for Spring and Summer

District Other
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Central
ID: e4fe2e26-aac2-4a03-85b3-be4ff4191e52

Printed in Japan
116 pages (21cm x 26cm)
Good condition
Asking HKD100

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Good Chinese readers for kids

District Happy Valley
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: John
ID: 3389cade-f2fb-436c-8ee0-ac8c6dbbab81

6 Good Books
眼雞丁(Waly Disney, Chicken Little)
喜華羊與灰太狼 (小樹苗)
親子益智遊戲DIY 3

魔法科學苑 - 閤林國際圖書

1. 營養蔬菜ABC
2. 植物博覽會
3. 胖達的願望
4. 千變萬化的雲
5. 跟著駱駝去旅行
6. 麻吉好朋友
7. 公車裡的力學課
8. 這是什麼聲音啊
範圍: 植物, 自然, 宇宙, 力學, 動物, 生態
全部8本全新中文圖書: $350

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Books for Sale

District Quarry Bay
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Ms Lam
ID: dbb186b4-7acc-4e15-a327-dc8e60fb4f78

Chinese Books for sale @20 each
For those written by Tony Choi  蔡東豪,2 are wrapped but all in excellent condition,
For those written by 顧小培,depreciated as photo shown but no wear and tear of the books inside.
Negotiable for purchase in bulk.

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Feng Shui Home - Applying Feng Shui for prosperity health an

District Pokfulam
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Mr. Jang
ID: 14c65128-b9f5-4974-9f0d-8f8ee5813b2f

Feng Shui Home - Applying Feng Shui for prosperity health
and happiness
The Chinese have long observed that some surroundings are better or luckier than others, and for centuries they have used feng shui to
create harmonious living environments.  Today, feng shui has evolved into a refined art used to enhance luck and well-being through the modifications of layout and orientation of work-places and homes.
It is believed that every hill, tree, door, window, gate and wall and the direction they face affect a person's situation in life:  a person who changes his surroundings can change his life - and his destiny.  The aim of feng shui is thus complete harmony with the natural order.   
Using a question and answer format the author of this book provides illuminating solutions for various living situations, countering ill fortune and enhancing success, health and happiness.Segmented into twenty-five parts, each dealing with a distinct issue, this book has all the geomancy answers you need, whether you live in a house or an apartment.
Price - HK$150.00
I am located on Pokfulam road, so if you would like to view this book please call or sms me on: 6302 1495.
Best Regards,
Mr. Jang

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Japanese Book 敬語・ことばづかいに強くなる本 マンガ版

District Other
Posted 9/14/2014
Contact: Central
ID: 9edad848-b8d0-4847-9422-573de916c36a

Size: 13 × 18cm
251 pages
Printed in Japan
Excellent condition
Asking HKD120

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パレットニット モヘア作品集 Vintage Japanese Mohair Knitting Book

District Other
Posted 9/13/2014
Contact: Central
ID: fc640dd2-e21d-4e03-8152-252e1d3f9185

Printed in Japan
94 pages (18cm x 26cm)
Good condition
Asking HKD100

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