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Monday, 9/1/2014

Books & Magazines

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Knit Boutique (Vintage Japanese Knitting Book for Spring and Summer)

District Other
Posted 8/26/2014
Contact: Central
ID: ceed8a79-1017-4109-a98d-25004de22628

Printed in Japan
82 pages (28cm x 21cm)
Excellent condition
Asking HKD100

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The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet: The Lifelong Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting

District Other
Posted 8/26/2014
Contact: Central
ID: b691c177-101c-481b-8727-8d3fea90ccd2

Revolutionary new diet that eliminates the cravings
Helps you to overcome the yo-yo syndrome--permanently--without deprivation
Printed in the USA
322 Pages (4.5" x 7")
Excellent condition
Asking HKD100

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Testing Ad

District Midlevels Central
Posted 8/26/2014
Contact: RR Testing Ad
ID: 54cc15f7-d7f1-4e5a-b7dd-4dfb879d96da

This is a test performed by RR Admin.

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Children Books for 7 to 10-yr-old

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: AP
ID: b2eb013b-460f-4442-94e7-808c96669d73

In excellent condition
1. 3D book - Wonderful Animals of Australia by National Geographic Society - $75
2. A Wrinkle in The Time by Madeleine L’engle, new - $40
3. Drummond Makes a Difference – the 7 Good Habits of Sunnyvale Kids - $38
4. Step into the Arctic World by Jen Green, published by Lorenz Books - $75
5. DK Book: Art Attack with Neil Buchanan - $85
6. Paper Mache by Juday Balchin - $55
7. The Usborne Book of Paper craft – with over 50 things to make - $75
8. Veggie Town Values ~ West Slide Story by Doug Peterson - $20
9. Little Red Cap illustrated by Kveta Oacovska by Brothers Grimm $50
10. Batman versus the Joker - $25
11. Celebrating Christmas – Christmas Decorations by Kimberly Roark - $20
12. Silent Night, Holy Night – A Song for the Worldby Werner Thuswalder/ Robert Ingpen - $50
13. D.K. Travel Guides – Kid’s Washington D.C.-Coolest sights, museums, and parks - $60
14. Chinese New Year Festivals by Juliet Bredon with marvelous illustration - $140
15. Step into the Chinese Empire by Philip Steele - $50
16. Rickie & Henri by Jane Goodall and Alan Marks - $80
17. Gigi the Pink Ballerina, God's Little Princess - $60
18. No roses for Harry - $50
19. DK Book: The Ballet Book, Darcey Bussell in association with the Royal Ballet School - $60
20. Thomas the Tank Engine (hard copy), The Complete Collection by the Rev. W Awdry - $120
21. DK Book : Open Me Up - Everything You Need To Know About Human Body - $220 [new, still in wrap]
22. Kids can draw: Ancient Egypt.A child’s first drawing book (Ages 4+) - $40
*My Thomas Jigsaw hard copy puzzle Book (1 page missing)- free if you buy $300 or more


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Primary 4 to 5 Text Books *used

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: AP
ID: 81a675f6-02f8-46c0-8b36-d0fcbcf01ee8

Primary 4

. Music: 朗文音樂(2006年初版) 四上, 四下, $35 each

. General Studies: Learn with me!4A,4B, 4C, 4D.Educational Publishing House Ltd. $30 each,
$100 for all 4

. 來說普通話書課本四上,四下, 教育出版社2011年重版劉筱- $35 each

Primary 5

. Wide range readers green book 6 - $140

. Wide range readers blue book 6 - $120

. Perfect Match Music P5 - $40

. 啟思語文新天地五上(一、二),五下(一、二) - $20 each

. 啟思自讀篇章小五 - $35

. 啟思課室小學生成語練習第六冊 -$35

. 來說普通話書課本五上, 五下 (教育出版社 2008年第三版 / 2011年重版劉筱玲) - $35 each

. Learn with me! General Studies 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D (Educational Publishing House
Ltd.) - $40 each, $140 for all 4
Primary 6

. Perfect Match Music P6, Pearson - $55

.朗文音樂(2006年初版) ) 六上、下- $35 each

. 幸福的道路 - 六年級:聖神領導我們 (Free if you buy other books)

. 啟思語文新天地六上(一、二),六下(一、二) - $90 for all 4, $120 for all 6

. 我愛學語文(用普通話教中文版) 六上第1册 - $25

. 我愛學語文(用普通話教中文版) 六上第2册 - $25

. 我愛學語文(用普通話教中文版) 六下第1册 - $25

. 我愛學語文(用普通話教中文版) 六下第2册 - $25

. 我愛學語文自讀篇章六上 - $25

. 我愛學語文自讀篇章六下 - $20
- Publisher:教育出版社 2011年新版余婉兒主編

. 語文知識溫習冊六上(一、二),六下(一、二)

. Learn with me! General Studies, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D (Educational Publishing House
Ltd.) - $30 each, $100 for all 4

. Enter the World with Grammar Book3 (HQ Mitchell / MM Publications) Some
exercises have been completed (FREE)

. Pop Up Now Student's Book 6 (UK Ed.) - $55

. Pearson (Longman) New English Intensive Practice for Pre-S1 HKAT -

$50 (Brand new, not used) (2012)

. Phonic Fun Book 6 Publisher: Longman (HQ Mitchell/ S. Parker) - $40

. Word Perfect Spelling Book 4 (Ginn, Ronald Ridout) - $40 (Has notes on some
pages) (int’l 2nd Edition)

. Word Perfect Spelling Book 1 -$40 (Has notes on some pages) (int’l

2nd Edition)

. Word Perfect Spelling Book 2-$40 (Has notes on some pages) (int’l

2nd Edition)

. Your First Book of Poems and Rhymes (Longman) - $20

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Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

District North Point
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
ID: 0293ca58-9089-416e-a1f5-c64e7d448367

Pick up in North Point or Fortress Hill MTR
Asking HKD 60
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques: A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Investment Techniques of the Far East
Author, Steve Nison
ISBN 9780139316500

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Doing Business in China (Guides) - 2 books

District North Point
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: Doing Business in China (Guides) - 2 books
ID: eeae8d86-6103-46b0-8220-293761c2d0fe

Pick up in North Point or Fortress Hill MTR.
Used gently maintained in ***EXCELLENT MINT CONDITION***
Both books by HKTDC, Business Guide
1) Title: Guide to Doing Business in China, includes CD-ROM (sells for 400 at HKTDC)
2) Title: Guide to Selling in China (selling for 200 at HKTDC)
Asking HKD 200 for both books.

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Children story books

District South Side
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: JT
ID: 9dcbd74d-8281-419b-ad38-4c7a55c37e2a

I'm selling lots of kids books, more 40 books. All are in very good condition. Good for age 2-6.
The price is $10-$30 each or take all for a good price.

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Feng Shui Home - Applying Feng Shui for prosperity health and happiness

District Pokfulam
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: Mr. Jang
ID: db60b488-2a75-4f90-8066-7eba780e094f

Feng Shui Home - Applying Feng Shui for prosperity health
and happiness
The Chinese have long observed that some surroundings are
better or luckier than others, and for centuries they have used Feng Shui to create harmonious living environments.  Today, feng shui has evolved into a refined art used to enhance luck and well-being through the modifications of layout and orientation of work-places and homes. 
It is believed that every hill, tree, door, window, gate and wall and the direction they face affect a person's situation in life:  a person who changes his surroundings can change his life - and his destiny. The aim of feng shui is thus complete harmony with the natural order. 
Using a question and answer format the author of this book provides illuminating solutions for various living situations, countering ill
fortune and enhancing success, health and happiness.  Segmented into twenty-five parts, each dealing with a distinct issue, this book has all the geomancy answers you need, whether you live in a house or an apartment.
Price - HK$150.00
I am located on Pokfulam road, so if you would like to view this book please call or sms me on: 6302 1495.
Best Regards,
Mr. Jang

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Casseroles (Hardcover)

District Other
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: Central
ID: 51c64d30-587c-4cca-880a-8938bb03be7a

Over 160 step-by-step recipes
Author is Anne Mcdowall
Printed in China
96 Pages (10.5" x 11.5")
Excellent condition
Asking HKD150

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