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Pure Pitness Causeway Bay Membership for Transfer

District Causeway Bay
Posted 7/24/2015
Contact: Simon: 9260 6793
Price: :10800 HKD

I am leaving Hong Kong for an extended period of time, and as a result I am reluctantly parting ways with my Pure Fitness membership, it is a 18 month contract, with around 14 months remaining.

Update: I am currently not in HK at the moment, I will return to HK in July this year, so the contract will start in July. (Contract is 14 months from July 2015)

Looking for someone to take over the remaining contact at $10,800hkd, the buyer is also responsible for the transfer fees incurred.

We will meet at the Causeway Bay Pure Fitness, and will have the membership transferred.

There is one condition, the buyer should have never visited or signed contracts with any pure fitness branches.

Pm me if you have any questions, thanks


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IFC Pure Fitness Membership till March 4

District Other
Posted 7/22/2015
Contact: David
Price: :1055 HKD


I am leaving Hong Kong due to a family emergency. I am looking to transfer the remainder of my membership at Pure Fitness' IFC location ASAP.

I renewed my Pure fitness membership at Pure Fitness's IFC location in September last year for another 18 months (ending on March 4, 2016), at HKD18,999, which comes out to about HKD1,055 per month. I've asked the membership staff, and was told that the current rate for a 18-month membership there is HKD23,610, or about HKD1,311 per month.

I think the old rate of HKD1,055 a month represents significant savings (plus, you don't need to be locked up for too long). There is a transfer fee of HKD1,000, which I am willing to pay.

Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.


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Marriortt Vacation Club

District Midlevels Central
Posted 7/18/2015
Contact: Ace
Price: :148 HKD

Marriott Vacation Club-3 years additional points/ Membership Paid
Have a Full Membership to Marriott Vacation Club
Paid Over HKD250,000 few years back.
Am willing to let go at HKD159,000

these points can be used in any MVC or changed at 5 to reward points.
I can explain if interested.
Let me know.

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