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Pure Pitness Causeway Bay Membership for Transfer

District Causeway Bay
Posted 6/30/2015
Contact: Simon: 9260 6793
Price: :10800 HKD

I am leaving Hong Kong for an extended period of time, and as a result I am reluctantly parting ways with my Pure Fitness membership, it is a 18 month contract, with around 14 months remaining.

Update: I am currently not in HK at the moment, I will return to HK in July this year, so the contract will start in July. (Contract is 14 months from July 2015)

Looking for someone to take over the remaining contact at $10,800hkd, the buyer is also responsible for the transfer fees incurred.

We will meet at the Causeway Bay Pure Fitness, and will have the membership transferred.

There is one condition, the buyer should have never visited or signed contracts with any pure fitness branches.

Pm me if you have any questions, thanks


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Package at Strip - Ministry of Waxing

District Soho
Posted 6/28/2015
Contact: 6622-7577
Price: :3700 HKD

I purchased a package at Strip -- Ministry of Waxing ( few months ago but I'm moving away from Hong Kong and won't be able to use it all up before I leave.
Remaining credit is just over HK$4000. The package can be shared, and purchases of products or services using the credit get an 18% discount.

Willing to sell for HK$3700 or best offer.

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IFC Pure Fitness Membership Till March 2

District Other
Posted 6/28/2015
Contact: DHung
Price: :1055 HKD


My father has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness, so I am relocating back home to take care of him. I am looking to sell my remaining membership ASAP. Price is negotiable (somewhat).

I renewed my Pure fitness membership at Pure's IFC location in September last year for another 18 months (ending on March 8, 2016), at HKD18,999, which comes out to about HKD1,055 per month. I've asked the membership staff, and was told that the current rate for a 18-month membership is HKD23,610, or about HKD1,311 per month.

Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks guys.


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Pure yoga membership

District Causeway Bay
Posted 6/27/2015
Contact: Amy
Price: :6885 HKD

I would like to transfer my remaining pure yoga membership at cost as I am leaving HK.

Pure yoga CWB one club (unlimited access) membership
Valid period: 12 Aug 2015- 12 May 2016 (9month)
Price: 765*9=6885 versus the current fee for new joiner 942/month for 24 month contract (one club unlimited access)
Transfer administration fee: 1000 charged by pure yoga versus 999 for new member joining fee

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Wanted: Clearwater Bay Membership

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 6/27/2015
Contact: via Asia Expat
Price: :1 HKD

Hi All,

I am interested in purchasing a clearwater bay country club membership. (country club only). Please contact me if you are interested in selling. Thanks!

This is not a broker - Live in Sai Kung/ Clearwater bay and interested in joining.

Send Message ID: bbe3cc5a-0917-41e5-b537-c24aae46467a

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Pure kinwick (SOHO) + Pure yoga discount

District Soho
Posted 6/26/2015
Contact: Andrew
Price: :12000 HKD

13 months left on prepaid 2 year membership. You can take over the membership at a rate well below the normal contract rate.

Pure kinwick (SOHO) + Pure yoga (centrium) included in the membership.

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Myoga unlimited weekend membership - MK

District Causeway Bay
Posted 6/26/2015
Contact: email
Price: :400 HKD

Due to re-location I will be selling the membership I have with Myoga.

It is a two year contract and it has 15 months remaining. The membership will give you access to ALL classes throughout the weekend (Friday - Sunday) and you can attend as many classes as you wish in that period (i.e. not limited to joining one class a day).

The monthly membership is cheap at 400 per month, as I think prices have since gone up and it is now over $600+ a month for this kind of membership.

Membership is valid until September 2016.

The club is conveniently located right outside the MTR station at Mong Kok, the club is spacious and clean and a must for any yoga fanatic. But this club is not only suitable for Yogi's as it also offers a series of high octane classes:
Traditional Yoga Series
Iyengar Yoga Series
Ashtanga Yoga Series
Take It Slow Series
Hot Yoga Series
Pilates Series
Les Mills Series
Cardio Series
Indoor Cycling
Muscle Toning & Conditioning
Dance Series
Indian Dance Series
Belly Dance Series
Mind & Body Fusion

This membership can also be transferred to the Causeway Bay location if that suits you better - for more information about this transfer or if you are interested in this membership, get in touch.


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Marriortt Vacation Club

District Midlevels Central
Posted 6/23/2015
Contact: Roger
Price: : HKD

Marriott Vacation Club-3 years additional points/ Membership Paid
Have a Full Membership to Marriott Vacation Club
Paid Over HKD250,000 few years back.
Am willing to let go at HKD179,000
With additional 3 years unused points (which costs per year HKD7800/-)
Hence additional HKD28,000 included
these points can be used in any MVC or changed at 5 to reward points.
I can explain if interested.
Let me know.

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PURE SOHO (Kinwick Center) Membership tr

District Midlevels Central
Posted 6/22/2015
Price: :1049 HKD

-Due to relocation
-1049 HKD/ month
-Membership contract ends October 2015, total 4 months left.
With 4 months, it's a great opportunity to gauge whether you want to join the gym for a long term basis. The membership can be renewed from October 2015 if you are keen to continue.
-Membership transfer can start from July/August - July preferably
-I have 2 memberships available for transfer if you need more then 1 ;)
- Membership transfer fees to be bared by the buyer

Center details below - It has just been renovated and is really a super location! I had been enjoying it for the past 3 years. .

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Modern Beauty Salon VIP membership trans

District Sheung Wan
Posted 6/21/2015
Contact: 61533719 whatsapp or call Ms. Vic
Price: :10000 HKD

Due to relocation, I'm transferring my modern beauty salon VIP membership card, no expiry date.
Modern Beauty Salon is the leader of the beauty industry in Hong Kong with more than 40 branches in HK. You can also use this package in its stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Modern Beauty is a listco, so security is guaranteed

I have 3 type of courses left.
1) Body treatment, including spa, all types of massage (body & feet), hot stone treatment, lymphatic detoxification, five lines, vitamin facial treatment, etc. There all together 10 treatment you can choose from this package. Each session lasts 45 mins, HK$150 per session. I still have 175 sessions left for the value of HK$26,250. If you are interested, HK$23,000 for you!
If you don't wanna take 175 sessions, I can transfer to you separately.

2) Facial treatment package (machine): high frequency treatment, REACTION ™ Multi RF and V-line etc., 20 sessions left, HK$500 per treatment, HK$10,000 in total

3) Advanced facial treatment package (laser machines etc): Eraser cell (laser treatment to minimise pores and acne scars, lifting & firming, rejuvenate skins), Eraser K (laser treatment to whiten and remove melasma, lifting & firming, stimulating collage), ULTRA STAR HIFU treatment, moisturizing treatment. 10 sessions left, HK$880 per treatment. 10% discount, HK$8,000 in total

Whatsapp or call me if you wanna more details of the package. All courses can be sold separately if you cannot purchase in bulk.

Send Message ID: 0876f715-540f-4cd6-a34f-8f16f73244aa