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Rainbow Air Purifier

District Wanchai
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: 96676006
Price: 280 HKD

Rainbow Table Air Purifier

Perfect for placing in living room or inside bedrooms

Now only $280

Please WhatsApp 96676006 if interested.

Send Message ID: 7932d904-fdf6-42f4-8cb6-bf5be40a67c9

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Matsusho Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: kettle
Price: 140 HKD

Matsusho Cordless Kettle KE-18J(MS). 1.7L kettle - used only several months.
Condition excellent - clean inside and out. Heats water very quickly.
PRICE: $140
Send a txt message 92183744 if interested
Pickup in MTR stations

Send Message ID: 6d45a7fd-7991-428a-ac16-2fcc4bd56a1c

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Design Factory Bread Maker

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: seller
Price: 350 HKD

Design Factory BM1209 - The Breadmaker is in excellent 100% working condition.
Brand NEW – never used.
Nice easy machine to use.
12 cooking options
Instruction Manual (Chinese and English), measuring cup and measuring spoon included
92183744 txt or call
PRICE: $350
Can Trade in any MTR station between Sham Shui Po and Wan Chai/Central

Send Message ID: a8df876d-9d17-4a20-ac36-0b2c0bb49473

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whirlpool 115L bar fridge

District New Territories
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: 94546314
Price: 400 HKD

Whirlpool Bar Fridge, 115 litre 80cmx50cmx55cm

This fridge has been used by my helper and is 5 years old, there is a some superficial marks on the front stainless door, works well and is its in very good condition and has a small freezer space as well.


Currently in Sheung Shui call or Whatsapp Ph69058283

Ikea cot (800)
Ikea 3 tier baby change (600)
Room heaters (both for 200)
Two Strollers (both 4500
Two baby car seats (200each)

Send Message ID: 59522711-b29b-411c-9280-393859782c6f

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Empress High Perform Blender / Fd Proces

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: seller
Price: 550 HKD

Empress High Performance Blender / Food Processor / Spice Grinder R9255

Combines a high-speed motor and innovative Stainless Steel blade design for the best in fine blending.

• Heavy duty assembly with 4 integral stainless steel blades from Germany
• Close, chiselled cutting edges and tooth-angled blades aim at precision cutting, grinding, mixing, chopping, pureeing and liquefying in seconds
• The combination of wider blades and a broader base pitcher allows quick and efficient blending and chopping at ultra fine consistencies
• Blends fibrous fruits and vegetables very fine and smooth for easy ingestion and digestion
• Powerfully crushes ice-cubes to an ultra fine consistency for smoothies
• Perfectly grinds all kinds of beans, spices or dry food ingredients into fine powder
Minces meat, makes sauces and paste
Powerful 500W motor makes this a professional Blender.

Large 2L Unbreakable Plastic Pitcher - Made of heavy duty polycarbonat Designed to withstand extreme pressure and heat
Separate Food Processor / Grinder / Chopper Jug included.

Included is the operating manual and thick recipe booklet.

100% perfect working condition. Bought for $1100 a year ago but seldom used.
Trade in various MTR stations - message me at 92183744 to discuss trades.

Selling now for only $550

Send Message ID: a8e221d5-261b-448c-a937-e72e36d5bbb6

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Phillips Air Purifier AC4002 - HKD1000

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: Seller
Price: 1,000 HKD

Philips Air Purifier AC4002 - Selling for HKD1000

- Original price @ HKD2400
- About 2 years old
- Recently changed to new filters
- Still in good condition

- Available for trading on any HK Island Line MTR station
- If interested, please message / whatsapp @ 6341 1212

Healthy Air
• With advanced filtration system
• Smart sensor gives you feedback on indoor air quality
• Sleep mode cleans silently with dimmed indicators
• Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter
• Healthy air protect lock ensures healthy air always
• Smart air quality sensor measures and controls air quality
• Fully automatic operation ensures hassle-free functioning
• 3-step indicators clearly show air quality level
3-step fan speed lets you to adjust air flow to your liking
• 1/4/8 hours easy-to-set timer

Send Message ID: 41e1957a-fa27-4074-973c-4d9eb3f48edc

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Panasonic Air Purifier

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: LALE
Price: 1,000 HKD

100% WORK
quánxīn F-P06DXZ kàng mǐn kōngqì qīngxīn jī (xiānggǎng kuānpín lǐpǐn)

quánxīn kāifā de ifDP(Intense Field Dielectric Plasma) gé chén jìshù jí chāojí guòmǐn yuán yìzhì zhuāngzhì

cǎiyòng wúxū gēngxīn tìhuàn zhī ifDP duō gōngnéng jí chén guòlǜ wǎng, bǔzhuō 99%guòmǐn yuán, bìngdú, jí méijūn bìng yìzhì qí huódòng nénglì

shìfàng jídù huóyuè lízǐ, yìzhì kōngqì zhòng de guòmǐn yuán, bìngdú, jí méijūn děng huódòng

chāojí nàmǐ jìshù chú chòu guòlǜ wǎng, jiǎndī jiǎquán, huīfā xìng yǒujī huàhéwù děng de hánliàng

AIC zìdòng yùnzhuǎn gōngnéng, néng yùxiān zhēnchá jí qīngchú wūrǎn wù

kōngqì zhísù zhǐshì dēng

jī shēn xiān báo shèjì

sì duàn fēngsù xuǎnzé (dī, zhōng, jísù, chāojí)

1, 2 jí 4 xiǎoshí shíjiān chè

értóng ānquán suǒ

shìyòng fànwéi:36 Píngfāng mǐ

jìng zhòngliàng:8 Gōngjīn

tǐjī:590 Gāo 398 kuò 205 shēn (háomǐ)
100% WORK
The new F-P06DXZ allergy air filters (Hong Kong Broadband gift)

The newly developed ifDP (Intense Field Dielectric Plasma) dust filter technology and super allergen suppression device

Update replacement of ifDP without using multifunction dust filter, capturing 99% of allergens, viruses, and fungi and inhibit its activity

Hyperactive ion release, inhibit air allergens, viruses, and fungi and other activities

Super Nanotechnology deodorizing filter, reduce the levels of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, etc.

AIC automatic operation function, can detect and remove contaminants in advance

Air Quality Indicator

Slim design

Four wind speed selection (low, medium, fast, super)

1, 2 and 4 hours timer switch

Child safety lock

Scope: 36 m2

Net Weight: 8 kg

Volume: 590 high 398 wide 205 deep (mm)

Send Message ID: a29bb05f-c1ad-460c-a2f2-9812a7df4861

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fortress dehumidifier

District Kowloon
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: seller
Price: 600 HKD

fortress dehumidifier
10 liters.good working condition

Send Message ID: c9252fea-31a7-4178-8027-c49d4bbcaf53

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toshiba dehumidifier

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: may
Price: 0 HKD

=Dimensions (H x W x D): 47x 27 x 23 cm
=Dehumidifying capacity (daily): capacity: 10 liters / day
=Power: 210w
=Water tank capacity: 2 liters
=Anti-overflow device
=Air filter$600

Send Message ID: e115d28f-bbdb-4d06-8823-e8f1b99f593a

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National Vacuum

District Other
Posted 3/29/2015
Contact: seller
Price: 320 HKD

Model MC-3310 Price: $320
Comes with reusable/washable dust bag so no need to buy new bags all the time - see photos attached.
1300W - Good suction
Works perfectly. message me at 92183744 if you are interested.
Can trade at mtr stations

Send Message ID: 599ef551-f1b5-4b70-938a-f701679e8d70