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99% New Refregrator

District Other
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: Carine
Price: :3500 HKD

99% New refregrator
(use 5 months only and put it in office)
100% working
No damage
W 24" D 26" H73.5"
Originial retail HK$4600, now $3500 (see attached invoices)
If interest, what's app 94290270
Self pick up in Kwun Tong

Send Message ID: 6a65eccc-64cb-4db3-ba4b-def35670181f

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Alen Paralda HEPA Air Purifier

District Wanchai
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: Luke
Price: :4000 HKD

Selling my Alen Paralda HEPA Air Purifier due to moving.

Condition Perfect.

Air filter will need replacing at some point.

Whatsapp 9502 4245


Send Message ID: 54bc7f3d-7025-4222-8fb4-294924c23270

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Floor lamp

District Midlevels West
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: whatsapp only 97530800
Price: :500 HKD

Home clearance

Industrial Task Floor Lamp, Brand "West Elm"
brought from London
Not fit in my new home

Send Message ID: b6a0f507-df8a-4162-a776-3c5e6f241387

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Alen A375UV HEPA Air Purifier

District South Side
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: Matt 5290 7092
Price: :2600 HKD

I have 3 Units

Can purchase all three or however many you need.

The A375UV air purifier does it all - it removes bacteria, odor, smoke, dust, pollen and VOCs. Big on performance but small price and size!

The Alen A375UV air purifier has it all - literally! The A375UV air purifier has HEPA filtration, two ultraviolet lights, an ozone-safe Ionizer, an activated carbon filter and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation. The HEPA filter in the A375UV air purifier has been tested to remove 98% of airborne allergens like dust, dust mites, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. The A375UV is perfect for living room, office and large space applications as it cleans up to 645 sq ft / 60 m2 And the A375UV air purifier has not one but two UV lights which have been tested to eliminate 98% of bacteria and viruses. Pesky odor is eliminated by the activated carbon filter in the A375UV air purifier. What makes the A375UV air purifier best in its class is its PCO technology which eliminate harmful VOCs. (VOCs are the vapors that items like glue, formaldehyde and some aerosols emit and they are bad for you.) The Alen A375UV Multi Gas HEPA removes those invisible yet harmful fumes so you can breathe clean air and at a price that helps you breathe a bit easier too.

The Alen A375UV air purifier's activated carbon filter and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology will significanlty remove and demolecularize harmful toxins and odors generated from secondhand smoke. Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 harmful chemicals and gases including benzene, formaldehyde and at least 60 carcinogens. The dangerous particles in secondhand smoke can linger in the air for hours. Breathing them even for a short time- as little as 20 or 30 minutes - is harmful; and breathing secondhand smoke over years can be all the more dangerous.

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Lavazza Espresso Point

District New Territories
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: Daniel
Price: :1500 HKD

Lavazza Espress Point
Good for home or office use
Good condition
pls visit: http://www.metadesign-group.com/product.php?id_product=37
Italian made
whatsapp 94019166

Send Message ID: ccf9b496-c111-443d-bcdf-780725119ef1

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Tefal Blender

District Kowloon
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: 9030 3319 WhatsApp Pnly!
Price: :290 HKD


Collections & WhatsApp 9030 3319 for address only!

Tefal Blender, $290

Also refer to the MEGA OPEN HOUSE CLEARING SALE ad in the Free & Other Home Furnishing Section for lots of other items on sales - shelves, kitchen appliances & items, linens including beddings, curtains & towels, brand name clothes ...

Send Message ID: 9e8b09a9-d97f-4c0e-b9fc-a1920cb83385

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District Wanchai
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: AV
Price: :1900 HKD

Washing machine dryer large capacity
High spin speed
Half load and quick wash
Programme settings including pre wash
Dimensions 820 x 600 x 540 mm (h x w x d)

To be collected in Wan Chai
I am selling as I am moving to a property that already has a washing machine
More information please text/whatsapp me
6386 4858

Send Message ID: b910606f-3ed0-43ae-9acd-ec23df8cd26e

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OSIM Air Purifier

District Midlevels Central
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: 9882 1638
Price: :250 HKD

OSIM U-Mist Dream
Air Purifier

Brand new - Never used
Original Packaging

Original Price: 428 HK$
Asking : 250 HK$

Send Message ID: c25a21bb-fba3-4485-95b3-f838c38daf14

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Great Space-saving Cutie Mini Fan Heaters

District Kowloon
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: WhatsApp 9030 3319
Price: :190 HKD


Lifts on every floor ... Easy access to car park with 30 mins free parking!

WhatsApp 9030 3319

Great Space-saving Cutie Mini Fan Heaters, from $190 up ONO

Send Message ID: 05516747-4325-4b87-bca1-ebfe4ddc50a1

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Space-saviing All-in-One Printer

District Kowloon
Posted 5/28/2015
Contact: Whatsapp 9030 3319
Price: :390 HKD


Collection & Whatsapp 9030 3319 for address only

Space-saving Cutie Epson Stylus All-in-One Multifunctional inkjet Printer, with Extra Whole Sets of Inks Cartridges

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 434mm (W) x 327mm (D) x 185mm (H)

Only $390 (only the set of inks cartridges already costs u more than this)

Send Message ID: e656a8b5-6435-4512-8e2c-d954f1254ffb