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Water Heater Any brand cash voucher

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: 94239584
Price: :1450 HKD

Cash voucher due to refund of item bought by mistake. The cash voucher is valued at 1550HKD but reselling it at 1450HKD. It can be used for any purchase of water heater with the shop Luen Hing Hong located in Wanchai Lockhart Road.

All products available can be found on the website of the shop (http://www.lhhgroup.com.hk).

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Brand new Infrared Ceramic Cooker,

District Quarry Bay
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: Venus
Price: :850 HKD

Brand new Infrared Ceramic Cooker, still in orginal box
Brand : Summe of Germany
Model No. IC-S2002C
Infrared Ceramic Cooker is a more advanced than induction cooker generation (only limited to the thin stainless pot which can be used) of healthy environmental protection kitchen appliances.
One stove suitable for any flat-bottomed utensils of various materials including stainless steel pot, iron pot, aluminum pot, copper or ceramic pot and glass pot as well.
Varieties of cooking function can be performed as you prefer, e.g. hot potting, simmering, grilling, steaming, frying etc.
Especially suitable for model family cooking with following main features are provided :-
1. High-tech far infrared heating : It uses the far infrared technology only, not the electromahmetic radiation, warming and many cooking functions are available.
2. Eco-friendly : No fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, no radiation (this is most important that no harm to pregnant woman).
3. In-built safety : Many safety precautions are in-built there in the product.
4. Easy to clean : The surface plate is of crystal glass, which is easy to clean
5. Convenience : Intelligent micro-computer control
Various Cooking State Menu, e.g. “Stew”, “Sou”, “BBQ”, “Fry” or “Hot Pot” for your own choice.
“Timer” and “Lock” to ensure save and efficiency cooking.
Following Safety Features are provided :-
1. Overheat Protection (i.e. an assembled thermostat will function to the machine once the temperature is too high)
2. Voltage Protection : The cooker will stop automatically if the voltage goes beyond 275V ot below 95V.
3.Auto-temperature Adjustment (eco-friendly design) (i.e. the program will automatically turn down the power when it reaches the upper benchmark and automatically turn up the power again to increase the surface temperature when the surface temperature drops down after a period of time).
4. 2-hour Auto Shut Down Design (if no setting is made within 2 hours and the machine is not under timer mode, the machine will automatically enter stand-by-mode.
Power : 2000W
Voltage 220v-240v
Frequency : 50Hz
Size : 315x 180 x 392mm
Brand new with operation manual and brand new stainless steel pot.
Bought at : $1,7xx
Now asking : $850

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Samsung Fridge for Sale

District Kowloon
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: 9520 6027
Price: :300 HKD

Samsung refrigerator for sale. Dimension: 62" x 23" x 23"

Self pick up around Oct 18. If interested, please whatsapp 9520-6027.

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Mitsubishi Fridge (small) for Sale

District Kowloon
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: 9520 6027
Price: :100 HKD

Small Mitsubishi fridge in good working condition.

Dimension: 45" x 18" x 19"

Self pick up around Oct 18. If interested, please whatsapp 9520-6027.

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District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: 98447520
Price: :150 HKD

New Electric Hot Plate Cooker with Stainless Steel Body. Good high power of 1500 Watts. Adjustable temperature heating control. Very easy to clean and consumes very low electricity power. HK plug. Still sealed in the box. Brand : SWISSCARE. Price HKD150.00 ( Final price ). Must pick up from Central during hours of 11:30Am - 4:30pm and Mon - Fri. Pls whatsapp or call at 98447520.

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Oil Heater - Get ready for winter!

District South Side
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: Whatsapp/text 60174827
Price: :200 HKD

Mini oil heater. Very compact. Hardly used.

Oil heaters gently warm the air without drying out skin (unlike heaters that blow hot air).

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Blendtec HP3A Home Blender (With 3QT BPA

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: 63387536
Price: :2800 HKD

used for 1 year
good in condition
still in warranty
what's app 6338-7536

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Samsung Fridge

District New Territories
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: Cottonball
Price: :500 HKD

2 door samsung fridge very good condition and very clean
Size 21x21x55"
Pickup tsing yi

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Mini Fridge

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: M
Price: :450 HKD

Brand new and still in box. Buyer collects from Jardine's Lookout.

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nesspresso essenza

District New Territories
Posted 10/5/2015
Contact: Dane, whats app & viber 54755995
Price: :400 HKD

Hi all,

Got here Nesspresso essenza "capsule" type coffee maker,,used almost a year but everyday, just upgraded to Nesspresso C100 and C120,,so no longer used,with a small issue of little drops and have no time to fix it nor go to IFC ,,but its still 100% working giving u a nice coffee at anytime u like on your breaktime,good for small office,home,
You can check it for operation and see through the item,,located at Yuen Long district,,
Gimme and drop message at number posted and will happy to reply you .Price fix @ 400hk$


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