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Lost Wallet/Pouch

District Other
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: Kendra Reed 62400750
Price: :100 HKD

My fiance accidentally left her wallet (it's actually just a small clear pouch) in a cab in Quarry bay on Thursday night. There was 800$ in it, HKID, credit card, bank card, and some change. We've contacted Lost and found hotline and the police department, but they are useless. If you happen to have found it please contact 62400750

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Lost Phone - Samsung Note 4

District Other
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: 6110-5503
Price: :100 HKD

Dropped my phone getting out of a cab last night in Shau Kei Wan (May 23). If found please call 6110-5503

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Lost Wallet

District Wanchai
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: 91635129
Price: :100 HKD

I lost my wallet colour brown on my way from causewaybay to wan chai in the taxi
On 22nd May
Many important cards and usb documents are in the wallet
If found pls pm me or contact me @91635129
Reward $200

Many thanks

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FOUND: prescription glasses

District Midlevels Central
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: Liz
Price: :1 HKD

FOUND a pair of prescription glasses in LKF on Friday 22 May around 10:30pm. If these are yours, please message me the brand and colour of the frame so I know they're yours, and you can pick them up any time.


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Lost Passport

District Wanchai
Posted 5/21/2015
Contact: Olly
Price: :1000 HKD

I lost my passport in Wanchai in a black bag with Kings Tailors on.

It also contains a set of gym kit, blue t shirt and asics trainers.

Please call 60503890 if found thanks

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iphone 5

District Kowloon
Posted 5/13/2015
Contact: Peter
Price: :500 HKD

I lost my iPhone 5 colour White on my way from Lowu to Hunghom
On 7th May
Many important numbers are there in d phone
If found pls pm me or contact me @61077383
Reward $500

Many thanks

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