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Tanglewood tb baby travel guitar!

District Other
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: blake
Price: :500 HKD



back and sides:mahogany

overall rating:8/10

Type: dreadnought travel guitar (suitable for young children)

i have hardly used it except for 2 to 3 times. the guitar has 2 small dents one the head and the body (it was there when i bought it). it also has a slight fade in color on the 1st guitar string area (it was there when i bought it). the sound hole was decorated with a sticker and has worn a bit. the original price was around 1200hkd bought it online from overseas. i have clean it before selling it. I have to sell it to sell it cause im leaving Hong Kong for overseas studies, otherwise i wouldnt sell it. price is negotiable and the transaction will be at the Chai Wan MTR station. Pls email me if you are interested.

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Upright Strauss piano with bench, quick

District Kowloon
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: Josh - 97572498
Price: :1000 HKD

Student piano played regularly.
Moving before end May, no room for piano in new flat.
First reasonable offer takes it.

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District Kowloon
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: Seller
Price: :1200 HKD

Product Description 61 standard keyboard
contains 10 kinds of 100 kinds of Chinese ethnic tone sounds
unique sounds of firecrackers add fun playing
colorful percussion sounds containing six kinds of Chinese percussion sounds
100 kinds of rhythms contains five kinds of local characteristics with Chinese ethnic rhythms
40 Kara OK style music library contains five Chinese ethnic music
a large display screen sizes (WxDxH): 961x376x143mm Weight: 5.3kg music controller left and right to practice chord dictionary shift sound / tone
Accessories: board, stand, adapter

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Vocalist Live 4 For Sale

District Other
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: Don Juan
Price: :2000 HKD

The VL-4 is perfectly working. I haven't used it in a while but i can guarantee you that it has no problems.
Feel free to send me a message if you're interested. thank you

Smarter than the average vocal processor.
DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 is a harmony processor that features an onboard mixer and footswitches for easy use by singing guitarists. Vocalist Live 4 also features breakthrough musIQ technology to make it more intelligent. A surprising number of songs fool other harmony pedals because these songs just don't work with a single key/scale setting. In fact, any song that has the same note sung over 2 different chords (for example, a C sung in the melody over a C maj / F maj chord sequence) is going to confound conventional harmonizing devices.

Vocalist Live 4's musIQ technology allows it to directly analyze the output of any electric or pre-amplified acoustic guitar (no special MIDI guitars or hex-outputs needed). Then it generates the correct vocal harmony. For example, if you're singing an A over the chords that are generally found in the key of G, Vocalist will harmonize with a C. But, if you then play an A major, Vocalist will shift to the C# because like any good harmony singer, it listens to the guitar!

With musIQ, forget about the technology--just sing and play! Skip complicated programming and having to analyze each song chord-by-chord; just

1. Plug in your microphone and guitar;

2. Pick a 3rd or 5th-above or below harmony preset;

3. Sing and play — when you want harmony, just step on the footswitch!

Patent-pending musIQ technology combines new note detection algorithms with state-of-the-art harmony generation. The Note Detection section analyzes complex guitar waveforms and determines which notes in each chord are critical to accurate harmony. This information is then fed to an advanced harmony engine that creates harmonies consistent with both the singer's melody and the underlying guitar accompaniment.

This totally new, musically-intelligent hybrid of traditional chordal and scalic harmony modes means that Vocalist Live 4 musIQ harmonies stay true to not only the overall key and song scale, but also localized variations due to chords that aren't part of the global key. You've never heard anything like it!
3- or 4-part vocal harmony with no programming
Groundbreaking musIQ technology do the rest
Selectable voicing: unison, 3rd, 5th-above or below your lead vocal
Built-in mixer with Vocal, Harmony and Guitar level controls
Pitch correction with four adjustable parameters
Guitar Reverb and Chorus with four adjustable parameters
Vocal enhancement effects matrix lets you adjust up to five parameters of Preamp, Compressor/Gate, EQ, Lead Effects, Harmony, Reverb, Echo Delay and Guitar effects
Store and recall up to 50 User presets; and select from 50 Factory presets
2+10-character LED display
Major/Minor and Key Change Up/Down buttons with LED display
Harmony, Effects and Preset Up/Down pedals
On-board guitar tuner
XLR mic/line input with level adjustment, low-noise high-headroom preamp and 48V phantom power
1/4" guitar input, 1/4" guitar pass-through and Guitar Ground Lift switch
1/4" line input and 1⁄8" AUX input for CD or
MP3 players
1⁄8" headphone jack
Stereo 1/4" line out and balanced stereo XLR line outs
Stereo/mono output selector
Road-rugged, all-metal chassis
Power supply included

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Rehoused Top Jacked Awesome Pedals

District Midlevels Central
Posted 5/24/2015
Contact: Philip
Price: :1000 HKD

1) Maxon AD9 Analog Delay footpedal analog delay...rehoused for top jack (leaves more room on pedalboard) 1,400...killer deal

2) Fulltone Supa Trem--also rehoused into smaller enclosure with top jacking, leaving way more room on pedal board. 1, sweet deal

3) MXR Custom Shop Script Phase 90 with Analogman Mod--You want Jimmy Page Houses of the Holy....also rehoused for top jacking easy use on pedal board...... 1,100.......tender deal

If interested text me at: 92619045

rock on

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Boss ME-8/Yamaha DG Stomp

District Wanchai
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: George
Price: :1100 HKD

1)Boss ME-8- $1,100- 100% very good working condition,With Box & Manual-Made In Japan(Model Discontinued)
2) Yamaha DG-Stomp- $1,100- 100% Very good working condition, With Box & Manual- Made inTaiwan(Model Discontinued)
Price Negotiable-Message by Viber or Whatsup 9601-4264

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Yamaha Electric Drum Set

District New Territories
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: WhatsApp 94241820
Price: :3000 HKD

Yamaha electric drum set.
In good condition.

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Viola with bow,case

District South Side
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: Marcia
Price: :800 HKD

Viola 18 inches long. Child no longer using. Prima P280V (1/4). Comes with music stand and shoulder rests. Has small chip on body, will not effect sound. Will meet at MTR. What's app 9618 7423.

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Profession Quiklok Monitor Speaker Stand

District Other
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: dikduk
Price: :900 HKD

Quiklok Height Adjustable Near-Field Monitor Stand, bought one year ago, it comes in pair.

Designed for home, project and professional recording studios
All-steel, arc welded construction. NO fibre or chipboard
Attractive design incorporating cable management
Stable, three-point triangle base with adjustable leelling floor spikes
Sturdy metal top plate measures 9" square (23 cm)
100 lb (45 kg) weight capacity

Speaker plate dimensions: 9" square - 23cm square
Height Positions(5): 32.7", 36", 39", 42", 45.3" 83,91,99,107, 115cm
Base Size: 17.7" square - 45cm square
Weight capacity: 125lb - 57kg
Weight: 10.6lb - 4.8kg

Location: Chai Wan, self pick-up

Please PM if interested

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Yamaha U1

District New Territories
Posted 5/23/2015
Contact: 98335754
Price: :12800 HKD

Made in Japan

Excellent Condition



Whatsapp 98335754

Send Message ID: 47b7ccf0-78a9-4ee1-9509-8a2a31d1cdb3

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