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Saturday, 11/1/2014

Musical Instruments

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Vintage Fender Strat MIJ Sunburst

District New Territories
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: Hendra

Fender Strat MIJ Fujigen 1994-1995
Model: 1962 Reissue T Series

The sound is exceptional since the wood is older, Fender lovers would easily notice the sound's different to the newer generation of the kinds.
It gives you the tone of the sound you expect from a vintage Fender including its distinguished glassy and twangy character.

It costs relatively cheap for a Fender collector, I ask for 9K (please no silly bargain).

Why i sell it, I don't play much lately, and I have a few other guitars. 

Since the guitar is old, I have made some replacement to the bridge and frets (the re-fretting costs quite much you know it) and the control knobs.

The pickups remains original, I however had the circuit cleaned up, and rewired.

There are some scratch of course as you would expect for a 20 years old of guitar, but as you could notice in the illustration, no one are serious, i would say it's unnoticeable when, let's say, you play it on stage.

The other thing is, the back tremolo cover is lost, and I never bother to buy one despite being easy to get one from a reliable guitar shop, and it's quite cheap.

WhatsApp me at: 63033354 

Thank you.

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ID: 3d2bae26-fbbf-420f-ac08-281eb549f376

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Adamas Ovation 12-string

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: igottheblues

In great condition. Selling cheap cuz need space for new gears. 
asking HKD$14000. 

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ID: 6ec08495-0433-41e6-8602-aada4c7cd8ff

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2013 Fender Stratocastor black top *Cherry apple red*

District Midlevels West
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: Jeff

Title: 2013 Genuine fender Stratocastor black top
*Cherry apple red*
Played for less than 10 times, this Strat is virtually brand new without a single scratch. The plastic is still on the pickguard. Bought in November 2013 and lived in its gig bag for 95% of its life, in the pristine, natural and healthy environment of Sheung Wan.

- Fender strat ‘tex mex’ – made in Mexico
- Viewage of Tom Lee receipts, providing of Fender manuals
- Tremolo bar
- Soft 'Rockbag' gig bag
Price negotiable at $3,800 HKD. Throw me your

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ID: 02a60252-e5cb-4666-b62d-26773f25b94e

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TOYAMA Piano for Sale

District New Territories
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: Ms. Chan 5399 6389

- A Black, Upright Piano for Sale
- Very good sound
- Very good condition
- Toyama Brand
Asking $6,800
Please call/whatsapp Ms. Chan 5399 6389 

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ID: 107c3801-45f0-433d-9fb0-5fcb21ec26ef

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Moog MF Drive MiniFooger Overdrive pedal + Moog EP3 pedal

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: whatsapp 98681631

For Sale:
Moog MF Drive MiniFooger Overdrive pedal + Moog EP3 expression pedal
100% Brand New Condition. Only ever used at home. All original boxes included.
$1500 (Firm. No exchange. Only selling both together, will not separate.)
whatsapp me 98681631
The Moog MF Drive Minifooger overdrive pedal combines Moog's amazing Ladder Filter lowpass, boutique FET circuitry, and classic OTA design to provide you with killer tone and incredible picking dynamics.
From fully dialled American tube amp scream to warm and creamy British overdrive, the MF Drive gives you the controls you need to dial in the perfect character for your music.
Even vintage fuzz tones are within reach for this versatile overdrive. And when you connect the expression pedal, you can even control the filter sweep with your foot while you play for awesome tones.

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ID: de7541dc-e053-4c44-92b7-f8d1e87f8c47

3/4 Cello

District Kowloon
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: 9340 1421

Due to moving, 3/4 Cello with hard case will be available
Excellent condition
Quick sale - $900 
Welcome viewing and testing
Interested parties please call me 9340 1421 for further details

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ID: 590a5f6f-bef3-42eb-93fe-bae6447c4bda

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yamaha PDXB11 (bluetooth desktop system)

District New Territories
Posted 10/30/2014
Contact: i j

$ 900 fixed
just used for a few times goin to the beach
portable and very light weight , sound quality and loudness are satisfying
and can also be batteries operated..
whatsapp : 66037758

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ID: a04e7a89-72d6-457c-9ae7-76723959b11e

Full size 5/5 violin

District Kowloon
Posted 10/29/2014
Contact: pls contact 9340 1421

A set of full size 5/5 violin with a bow and rectangle case.
Excellent condition
Welcome for testing
Interest parties please call 9340 1421 Ms. Chan.

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ID: 59f10b8e-ea70-4ee5-bfb1-5a2f2706c0ac

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Keybard Stand Quicklock

District Wanchai
Posted 10/29/2014
Contact: 66040688

unused, bought 3 years ago. selling for 150hkd.. please call 66040688 for faster transactions

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ID: 69d82426-304a-4806-b051-d4225922e7f3

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Good/New Condition Yamaha Classical Guitar on Sale

District South Side
Posted 10/29/2014
Contact: 6206 2331

This is a medium/large Yamaha classical guitar, I used it for a while but it is in close to perfect condition. Price is $800 HKD ONO. The guitar is great for beginners or semi professionals. The guitar comes with all 6 strings and it is already in tuned. Contact me at: 6206 2331. Thank you. 

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ID: 649f6dbd-0085-4a77-be9d-8d0a004e3532

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