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Sunday, 10/26/2014

Musical Instruments

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Djm700 mixer

District Kennedy Town
Posted 10/20/2014
Contact: Jessie jay

Aim selling my djm700 mixer for $3,500 just buy the new plate and it will look good as new
And cdJ 800 for $1700

Call this number at 90195976
Or send me an SMS

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District Kowloon
Posted 10/20/2014
Contact: Suraj

Hi there,
I am selling  a second hand piano, Brand is Ottostein and model number is SU 108. Daughter doesn't play it anymore so we are selling it. Attached are photos of the piano please do have a look! Selling quickly for $4000 only! IF not happy with that price please do send me your best offer!
Suraj- 92887440

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2013 Benchmark Heavy Aged Gibson 1959 Les Paul MINT

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/20/2014
Contact: Andrew

2013 Gibson Benchmark Limited Run Heavy Aged 1959 Les Paul

Lemon burst
Authentic Gibson Custom Shop Inhouse
Accurate repro coloring
Hide glue neck set
Single layer finger board
59 neck carve based on dave's (of Dave's
Guitar in Wisconsin) real 1959 les Paul
Custom bucker pickups, under wound
10% for a more vintage tone
Gibson Historic case
All case candy, hang tags, certificates

I bought this guitar in March, 2014, from Dave's Guitars in Lacrosse, Wisconsin (a very famous guitar shop, look it up!). It has NEVER left my bedroom, and despite the factory aging, it is in UNPLAYED condition.

Extremely resonant guitar, with a real vintage vibe. Gibson Benchmark series are the best hand picked tone woods and tops that the Custom Shop has access to. You won't find a better Les Paul for the money! Look at the Flame Top in the pics!!!!

I bought this guitar for 56k HKD (original receipt provided). I am asking for 45k. PM if interested.


10 packs of Ernie Ball 10-46 strings,
TC electronic polytune II,
Pedal Train PT-2
20 Dunlop 1mm tortex picks included for free!

I accept cash, wire and PayPal (for credit card)

I will consider trades + cash, for boutique mint condition guitars like Suhr, Tom Anderson, etc

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ID: a4c6a82d-f5ff-4189-a169-be2cede7d78d

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District Wanchai
Posted 10/20/2014
Contact: ROGER

This is a boutique amp (5W), handwired, and that can work as a pre amp as well. Conect it to any solid state and you will get a real tuve, crancked sound. Also Can plug it directly to any PA
Tired of getting incosistent sound wherever you go and do not want to carry a huge amp? this is the ideal solution...
90134515 whats App to get additional info

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District Kowloon
Posted 10/19/2014
Contact: 91511292

Just get it from Africa, Two New Djembe drums for sale, Sound Great, I bought it 2700hk including the bag, But now selling 800hk for one including the bag, whatsapp 91511292.

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ID: bb2baabc-3065-4bda-84c3-c4fd29d78296

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Martin acoustic bass

District North Point
Posted 10/19/2014
Contact: SMS only on +852 9221 0408

Made in U.S.A. Very fine sound. Has a pickup and equalizer. Has hooks for a strap. Hard case and soft backpack case included.
Orig. price 12,000 HKD
Selling for 10,000 HKD
Has to go because we are moving.

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ID: b684308f-9710-4e06-85c5-befcc8fe4dfa

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Bass Guitar amp, Hartke B150, as new, BARGAIN $400

District Kowloon
Posted 10/19/2014
Contact: Les

Hi, for sale at a giveaway price, this neat little bass guitar amplifier, bought about 6 months ago from Tom Lee. Retails at $850 but yours for just $400!

The amp is a sturdy, solid one with an integral 8 Ohm speaker and the ability to use a larger speaker via the output on the rear of the amp. It has 2 inputs, one Active and one Passive, and both line out and headphones sockets.

The amp looks as good as new, no dings or scuffs at all. It is easy to carry. Comes with the original mains cable.

I used it exactly once and as I am leaving HK soon it needs to go!

Whatsapp 9012 9414 or email me for more details or to arrange collection.Thanks for looking.

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ID: 628d47ec-9265-4f43-a5c8-24ffb28bec7e

Yamaha MM6 synthesizer

District Kowloon
Posted 10/18/2014
Contact: 62742622

Quick sale 4000 moving in a small place

In very awesome condition

Look what it can do in you tube

Call or txt 62742622


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ID: 42591dad-9707-4ac6-a875-82ec263477a8

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Korg Kronos The World most Powerful workstation and Synthesi

District Kowloon
Posted 10/18/2014
Contact: David

Korg Kronos The World most Powerful workstation and Synthesizer
Korg Kronos 73 Weighted Key
9 Engines and best Piano available on a Workstation.
Great sound.
Never use in a gig out and just used it at home for music production and have it for one year and half.
Including the SKB Original hard traveling case. and full upgrade with an extra 2 GB or Ram and 120GB Solid Drive hard disc
$ 18,000 HKD
Whats app me at 9857 9391

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ID: e11fef8d-6b38-420c-b3c6-94674586c7dd

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Roland Fantom X7 Powerhouse Workstation

District Kowloon
Posted 10/18/2014
Contact: David

Fantom-X7: Workstation Keyboard
Roland Fantom X7 Powerhouse Workstation with an Ultra-Friendly Interface
Fantom-X7: Workstation Keyboard
Powerhouse Workstation with an Ultra-Friendly Interface
The Fantom-X Series is the flagship of the Roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded, and 128-voice performance. At the top of the vast soundset is Roland's finest 88-key split stereo-sampled piano, with each note individually sampled at multiple velocities. In addition, the Fantom-X provides room for four SRX expansion boards, so users can customize their soundsets to their specific needs and stylistic preferences.
The Fantom-X Series is the first line of workstation keyboards with a color LCD screen. Combined with an inviting icon-driven user interface, the Fantom-X has been globally heralded as the most powerful-yet-friendly workstation on the market.
Note: Pre-Version-2 Fantom-Xs can be upgraded via the FAN-X-UP1 Audio Track Expansion Kit. The upgrade kit includes a CompactFlash card with installer software, PC card adapter, plus a CD-ROM that contains Fantom-X Editor Software Version 2, including a Sample Editor, a Multisample Editor, and an S-700 file converter for Mac and PC.

• 128-voice workstations with 61-note keyboard (Fantom-X6), 76-note keyboard (Fantom-X7), or 88-note (Fantom-X8) Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
• Seamless integration of audio and MIDI using gorgeous new ROM waves and sampling with realtime timestretch capability
• 8 stereo audio tracks integrated with internal MIDI sequencer
• 128MB wave ROM includes quality-focused sounds like 88-key split piano and more
• 32MB sample RAM expandable to 544MB with optional DIMMs
• Color LCD screen - a first in a workstation keyboard!
• Innovative features such as Skip Back Sampling, Dynamic Pad Bank and V-LINK
• 3 MFX processors, plus dedicated reverb, chorus and mastering processor
• USB port for MIDI and .WAV/AIFF file exchange
• 4x SRX expansion
• PC card slot for backing up samples and data with up to 1GB capacity
• 4 Line outputs (2 stereo or 4 mono), stereo Line input and 24-bit S/PDIF I/O
*‘Phantom’ is a registered trademark of and is licensed by Phantom Guitar Works, Inc.
**V-LINK requires optional Edirol DV-7PR with software version 1.50 or higher.
Powered by Roland's Groundbreaking New Synthesis Chip
The new Fantom-X Series comes in a choice of three keyboards, but they all have one thing in common: Roland's new sound generator chip. This chip is Roland's most powerful to date, and it not only makes it possible to play expressive 4-tone Patches with 128-voice polyphony, but it also raises the Fantom-X Series' waveform capacity to approximately 1GB when fully expanded - far more memory than any other musical instrument on the market. What's more, the internal wave ROM has been doubled with quality-focused sounds that will please even the most jaded player.

*****Full Expanded with Four SRX Expancion sound cards that make the kwyboard able to wok with many posilibilis and music divircity of music style. Also already include 512 Memory or Ram and the upgrade of 8 Audio Tracks. Price could be including the SKB Hard case and already with full of samplers and loops specificly for House . Pop and Latin Music in Gerenal . The Keyboard comes with the Four expencion cards and still could be an option to give one more SRX Sound card for free then total will be 5****

SRX-06: Complete Orchestra Exp. Board
The SRX-06 Complete Orchestra Wave Expansion Board contains all the waveforms found in Roland’s popular SR-JV80-02 Orchestral, SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II, and SR-JV80-13 Vocal collections. Selected waveforms from the SR-JV80-07 SuperSoundSet are also included. As such, SRX-06 provides hundreds of inspiring sounds for composing, film scoring, or any situation where realistic orchestral sounds and vocals are needed.
• User-installable expansion board for “SRXpandable” Roland instruments
• Contains all waveforms from SR-JV80-02/13/16 and select waves from SR-JV80-07
• Hundreds of orchestral/vocal sounds for producers and composers
• Zero load time; sounds are instantly available

SRX-09: World Collection Exp. Board
The SRX-09 World Collection Wave Expansion Board derives its waveforms from Roland’s popular SR-JV80-05 World, SR-JV80-14 Asia, and SR-JV80-18 Latin collections. There’s even a little bit of country thrown in from the SR-JV80-17. So whether you’re working in Nashville, Miami, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world, you’ll have hundreds of ethnic instruments and Rhythm Sets ready to spice up your music.
• User-installable expansion boards for “SRXpandable” Roland instruments
• Each title includes waves from 4-5 classic SR-JV80-Series boards
• Includes waves from SR-JV80-05/14/17/18
• Zero load time; sounds are instantly available
SRX-09 “World Collection”
Looking for something different? The SRX-09 offers a taste of the world through its waveforms taken from the SR-JV80-05 “World,” SR-JV80-14 “Asia” and SR-JV80-18 “Latin” collections. There’s even a little bit of country thrown in from the SR-JV80-17! So whether you’re working in Nashville, Miami, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world, you’ll have hundreds of unique sounds and all-new Rhythm Kits at your disposal.

SRX-10: Big Brass Ensemble Exp. Board
The SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble provides a superb collection of brass sounds suited for pop music, film scoring, classical, and more. Each of the SRX-10’s Patches captures the true articulations and feel of traditional brass instruments and ensembles — including realistic “falls” — allowing composers to arrange brass parts with startling realism.
• High-quality wave expansion board with instant access to realistic brass sounds
• Patches include a variety of individual instruments and brass sections
• Waveforms capture true articulations and feel, such as falls, etc.
• Great for numerous musical styles and applications, including pop music, rock, film scoring, and classical arrangements

Create Realistic Brass Arrangements
Roland’s SRX-Series has earned a reputation for offering nothing but the finest sounds, and the new SRX-10 “Big Brass Ensemble” is no exception. This high-quality expansion can be used to create rich, dynamic brass arrangements—especially when used with the 128-voice Fantom-X Series and other SRX-Series expansions like SRX-04 “Symphonique Strings” and SRX-06 “Complete Orchestra.”

Superior Programming for Better Sounds
Tired of scrolling through hundreds of useless CD-ROM sounds? Each of the SRX-10’s Patches gives players instant access to the perfect brass sound—including trumpets, trombones, French horn and tuba—with realistic falls. Whether arranging a pop or rock tune, film score, or even classical music, you’ll find this collection indispensable. With multiple velocity switches and waveforms that capture every nuance of real brass instruments, your music will truly come alive.

SRX-11: Complete Piano Exp. Board
Roland proudly offers its most stunning multi-sampled grand piano to date. Sink your fingers into a lush, fully split, 88-note acoustic grand. Each key of the newly sampled world-class piano was meticulously recorded in high-resolution stereo, with 4-stage velocity switching employed, resulting 704 samples for this single instrument. The ultra-wide dynamic range of this sampled piano makes it ideal for virtually all musical styles. One piano, no compromise. If you want the ultimate sampled grand on SRX, this is it!
• Full 88-key multi-sampled grand piano
• 4-way velocity switching
• Zero load time; piano is instantly available
• An unsurpassed expansion board that no SRX-compatible synth, keyboard, or module should be without

Price for all $ 10,000HKD
Whatss app me at 9857 9391

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