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Gibson CS 7A Killer Quilt R9 Les Paul

District Kennedy Town
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: Val
Price: :48000 HKD

Put on your sunglasses because I'm selling a flamethrowing 2010 Gibson Custom Shop 7A Quilt 1959 Reissue Les Paul.
The pictures speak for themselves, it's perfection. I was looking for a guitar similar to Slash's famous "Hunter Burst" that he played in GNR's early club days. I think this one looks every bit like it (better probably).
I have removed the pickup covers (see original pictures). The rest is all stock, very mild playwear, original case and candy, all in excellent condition.
The neck is typicall R9, comfortable.
The guitar is very loud and articulate, on the brighter side.
The pots work really great on it, very much like a vintage with all the nuances possible.
I don't have the weight but it's comfy, under 4kg. I can confirm if needed.

Asking a reasonable HKD 48000, feel free to make an offer.

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Gibson Memphis 2014 ES-335 TDC

District Kennedy Town
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: Val
Price: :27000 HKD

Selling a beautiful 2014 Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC.
I have personally selected this guitar from a whole bunch in Tokyo last year. It's got a superb figured top, dark fretboard, complex tone with great weight and playability.
Only mild playwear. Comes with original case and case candy.
Selling because my man-cave has been downsized substantially.

Asking HKD 27000, feel free to make an offer.

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Gibson CS Gary Rossington SG!

District Kennedy Town
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: Val
Price: :34000 HKD

Hey Skynyrd fans, I'm selling my 2004 Gibson Custom Shop Gary Rossington SG, aged by Tom Murphy, signed by Gary, incredible Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, mojo for days!
This is a Reissue of the famous 1961 Gibson "Les Paul" (before they were called SG) that Gary Rossington has been using since the early Skynyrd days, most famously on Freebird (see live shows).
You'd be forgiven to think it's a vintage, the Murphy aging is top notch and the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is wavy and beautiful.
Guitar comes with the original case and goodies, including the Maestro vibrato bar. I don't have the big display case (who's got room for that thing anyway...).

Asking HKD 34k, feel free to make an offer.

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*1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior (vintage)*

District Kennedy Town
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: Val
Price: :40000 HKD

Selling my all-original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior with original case.
Great condition given its age, all works perfectly and lots of life left in the frets which are perfectly levelled.
Does what you'd expect an instrument of this caliber to do. Don't hesitate and go vintage!

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KRK V4 studio monitor

District Midlevels West
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: Ben
Price: :1800 HKD

2 KRK V4 studio monitors
excellent condition ( one dust cover is sligthly deformed - see pic)
full review and specs

1800hkd for the pair
whatsapp Ben 5660 1309


Send Message ID: 32c584e9-a9b5-4493-9a66-4965173781a2

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Epifani UL 502 Bass Amplifier

District New Territories
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: Jo
Price: :8000 HKD

Epifani UL 502 Bass Amplifier

The Range
The award-winning UL amplifiers combine a studio quality preamp with an audiophile grade power amp to deliver power, precision, and transparency that is a bass benchmark the world over.
The Technology
The first amp in the world with studio-grade dual channel switching, allowing you to toggle between separate channels, to use two separate instrument inputs, and to access a foot-switchable mid-cut and mute. Two different channel configurations, one with Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble and a Mid Cut for simple setup and a second channel that adds a 3-band equalizer with sweep-able midrange, and treble shift. Artists like Christian Mc Bride use the UL502 in live concerts for both upright and electric on even the biggest stages.
The Sound
From the moment you pickup its machined aluminum chassis and turn its etched knobs, you feel the precision. And it is the same with the sound of the UL amplifiers - precise,intoxicatingly powerful, and 'there' like you've never felt before. Sure, it's your bass, only louder, but it is taken to the ultimate degree. The UL amp responds to your touch, almost as fast as you can think it. Power, precision, clarity and impact, from de-tuned low 'B's to guitar-challenging triple high 'F's. Its ultra-fast, ultra-transparent sound makes UL amps the go-to rig for top professionals around the world who demand the best. Made in USA With Flight Case.

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Bergantino AE410 Neodymium speakers

District New Territories
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: JO
Price: :9000 HKD

For several years the new generation of Neodymium speakers have been adopted by bass players across the globe. However there has always been a compromise in the tone that these cabinets produce, with the combination of lightweight drivers and often, lightweight cabinets, have meant a lightweight sounding cabinet! Bergantino use the same 19mm void free AAAAA grade Baltic birch cabinet that are used in all the other Bergantino cabinets and Bergantino's exclusive Neodymium drivers. This, combined with superior design, has created a range of "Neo" cabs that come as close to the sound of traditional high grade ceramic drivers as has been achieved before. At last, lightweight cabinets with a heavyweight sound!
Bergantino AE410 Neodymium speakers 4 x10" Speakers with flight case brand new HKD$9.000
Made in USA.

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Washburn Electric Guitar KC-40V

District Kowloon
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: seller
Price: :3500 HKD

Plays like a dream - amazing sound - all original hardware.
This guitar has just been professionally tuned with intonation done.

Beautiful condition - no damage anywhere.
Brand New Fender Strings
Floyd Rose Patented Tremolo Bridge system
43mm Locking Nut
Rosewood Fingerboard with dot inlays
Maple Neck, straight and without damage

Made in Korea - serial # 0051205
91523620 Message/Whatsapp or call to view
Case NOT included
Price $3500 obo

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District Lantau Island
Posted 5/18/2015
Contact: ARNOLD
Price: :2500 HKD




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TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX

District Sheung Wan
Posted 5/17/2015
Contact: Laurent
Price: :2000 HKD

Hi there,

I am selling my VoiceLive Play GTX because I am switching to a VoiceLive 3.

I've taking good care of it as it was stored on my pedal rack and protected from the dust. I've bought it for HKD 3500 two years ago. Now asking for HKD 2000.
The VoiceLive Play GTX combines effects for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Take professional-quality effects with you everywhere. The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX vocal processor is a foot pedal designed for vocals and guitar. You'll always sound great with amazing EQs, lush reverbs, delays, vocal doubling, automatic backing harmonies, and much more. The intelligent pitch correction and harmonies actually analyze your guitar or the music you are singing with and create accurate backups and corrections to your vocals. There are over 200 presets in the VoicePLay live. You can select presets by effect or music genre. A cool "Hit" button adds a layer of effects and harmonies to your base preset sound. This is great for choruses when you want to thicken things up a little. The VoicePlay Live GTX has a guitar effects section featuring bestselling TC Electronics effects. You can play your guitar through the GTX into headphones or directly into the PA and bypass your amp. Now you can have one pedal to cover all of your vocal and guitar processing needs with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX vocal processor!

I am selling my whole pedal rack, do not hesitate to contact me if you are also interested in:
TC- Electronic Nova System
TC Electronic Switch-3
TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX
TC Electronic Polytune
TC Electronic Ditto Looper

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