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Pumpernickel catering discount coupon

District Causeway Bay
Posted 7/24/2016
Contact: icey
Price: 50 HKD

Cafe Pumpernickel
$200 cash coupon for each $1000 spending,
one coupon sell for $50, two coupons sell for $80
for both catering & delivery service only
expiry date: 2017.5.17
100% real

Details ID: fa983dbc-03f6-456a-a9dd-33ce1eade9d5

H&M 10% discount coupon

District Causeway Bay
Posted 7/24/2016
Contact: icey
Price: 10 HKD

- hk or macau shops only
- one coupon for one item
-expiry date - 2016-8-31

below items cannot be used:
- gift card
- designer collaboration items
- other promotional offers

i have 6 coupons, each coupon for $10
if you buy all, just $50

trade location - ngau tau kwok <>fortress hill

Details ID: dccb928f-3fd9-4a42-ae9b-d12576ff3f94

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St Honore cake vouchers

District North Point
Posted 7/24/2016
Contact: Lee
Price: 20 HKD

I have 12 X half dozen St Honore cake coupon for exchange of Maxim cake coupon or $20 per coupon each. It can exchange for cake up to $26.40. Expiry date June 2022.
Pls whatsapp me if interested. Preference to trade in North Point, Fortress Hill, Tin Hau or Central MTR stations.

Details ID: 08998434-d0af-4677-af17-b6f8026c25b2

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Car Beautician 2 car washing vouchers

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 7/23/2016
Contact: Ms Li
Price: 140 HKD

-No expiration date
-Valid for all Car Beautician shops in Hong Kong (see picture for address)
-Each voucher includes one complete car wash and wax service
-For 7 seaters, van or jeep, additional $40 will be charged on site
-The price of one complete car wash and wax service on site is $168, now $140 for two vouchers

More info of the shop could be found from its website:

Details ID: 557b530c-6c4e-4709-887d-f24225f0acd9

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2x Roundtrip Airport Express Ticket

District Other
Posted 7/23/2016
Contact: Hou
Price: 130 HKD

2x Roundtrip airport express ticket from/to Hong Kong Station.

First trip must be used by 15 Aug 2016. Return trip to be used within 30 days after first trip.

Price is HKD130 each. Trade in Central anytime. Pls leave whatsapp if interested. Thanks.

Details ID: 6fadc289-0c5d-426f-91eb-25e3aaf3889b

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Movie Vouchers

District Kowloon
Posted 7/23/2016
Contact: 98392617
Price: 140 HKD

2 UA Cinemas movie vouchers
Valid until March 31, 2017

Trade at TST or hung hom MTR station

Please WhatsApp, text or call 98392617

Details ID: 72d90fa8-9e6b-49eb-b082-45b78f55a76d

sogo coupons wanted

District Kowloon
Posted 7/23/2016
Contact: max
Price: 9000 HKD

Willing to pay $9000 for $10000
i.e. 10% discount
please message/whatsapp me at 56688126

Details ID: 73eda9ad-6486-4679-83d0-04cfe92509e7

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Discounted CITYSUPER /LOG-ON coupons

District Kowloon
Posted 7/23/2016
Contact: max
Price: 88 HKD

Vouchers for sale or exchange with other coupons of same denomination

Vouchers redeemable at All citysuper/log-on/cooked deli outlets

i) for sale ( 12% discount ) i.e.$88 for $100
ii) exchangeable 1:1 with mannings, fortress, broadway, park'nshop, wellcome, watsons, sogo, maxims group coupons,,,..,etc

Please indicate purchase or exchange amount and denominations

Interested parties please message/whatsapp 56688126, thanks

Details ID: 7ea8a6cd-794c-4db7-91dd-512219aa4b5d

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Airport Express (HK station) Vouchers

District Other
Posted 7/22/2016
Contact: Central
Price: 140 HKD

Airport Express vouchers, which can be redeemed for roundtrip airport express tickets to/from HK station.

Expiration: 31 Dec 2016

Price: HKD140 each. 10 available. Trade in Central anytime.

Pls leave whatsapp if interested. Thanks.

Details ID: 713c83f8-336d-4b87-8b2e-ea7200c5bbe7

Macau turbo jet ticket

District Wanchai
Posted 7/22/2016
Contact: Chan
Price: 150 HKD

Macau turbo jet ticket
Depart in Sheung Wan Shuk Tak
22/8 mon 10:00, return on 24/8 wed 6:00, special at $303/set

Or single journey depart in Macu on 24/8 wed 6:00 at $150 only....

Details ID: f3a3a0f5-deb5-4a18-be52-354faa546eb8

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