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Green Scooter

District Midlevels West
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: Whatsapp
Price: 350 HKD

5-year-old or up. Freshy lights on the wheels. Height adjustment.

Bought new for $799 last month. Played once or twice. Fun for the dad but not suitable for our 3-year old kid. We'd like to sell it to those with elder kids.

$350 or BO

Whatsapp 90202366

ID: c5d397eb-ed43-48d3-943c-b649fdd4a977

PS3 Games

District South Side
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: j
Price: 80 HKD

Killzone 2

Gran Turismo 5 special edition.

80 each.

ID: 2a9edb80-7d95-4f00-a46a-a7dd4ec52190

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Rise of Cthulhu - Boardgame

District Sheung Wan
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: Whatsapp: 5364 2112
Price: 30 HKD

"In Rise of Cthulhu you play as the leader of a cultist faction wishing to awaken Cthulhu and the other Old Ones awaken to rule this world. But a competing faction races against you to be the first to awaken these chaotic masters. By playing various numbered and colored Cultist Cards, you must control the prime Lovecraftian locations – Arkham, Dunwich, Innsmouth and Kingsport – in an effort to awaken an Old One. The faction that maintains the most influence on a location will gain favor when the Old One arises, while the losing faction risks the destruction of their sanity and souls. Through clever pairing of colored and numbered cards, players can summon dangerous Monster Cards to their aid, unlock the eldritch secrets of lost Artifact Cards, and even manipulate an Unspeakable Guardian to terrorize your opponent. All of this and more await the cunning and adventurous in this tactical card game of influence and horror for 2 players."

The game is in mint-condition.

Original price (Kickstater): USD 25

Asking Price: HKD 30

Please contact me on Whatsapp: 5364 2112

ID: 94379377-627f-437a-a432-b26dda57935f

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plush toys teddy bears -new

District Kowloon
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: dd
Price: 50 HKD

Plush (soft) toys- new with tags from Whitehouse Leisure LLP UK
1. Penguin of Madagascar soft towy with scarf/tie by PAWS- $50
2. Stuffed toy donut by BANANAS- 50
3. Angry bird by BANANAS-$50
4. Camel by BANANAS-$5o
6. Gund Bear poodle-$100
7. Shaun the sheep in beautiful white-$100
Unwanted gifts. Call or whatsapp or imessage 9424 3047

ID: 7e83a890-1b69-4b75-afaf-13558e2926b8

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Scooter for Kids

District Kowloon
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: JK
Price: 50 HKD

Kids scooter, ideal for kids between 3-5, quiet roughly played but still working. If interested please whatsapp 6133 7631, trade along Tsuen Wan MTR Line.

ID: 8b59911e-54e0-45ba-ae0f-389f7b92a9a1

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Rollers for Kids

District Kowloon
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: JK
Price: 150 HKD

A pair of 99% brand new rollers, just played for 10 minutes, internal size is 20 cm, comes with a carrying bag & a set of guards for hand, elbow & knee (see picture)

Brought for $299 & now let go for $150, trade along Tsuen Wan MTR Line.

If interested please whatsapp 6133-7631.

ID: b5c2f580-0ce7-43ba-9e7a-55cbc1297079

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Scooter for 2 year old & up

District Midlevels West
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: Whatsapp only
Price: 340 HKD

Bought this two weeks ago. This is my boy's second scooter. Played a few times only. So the condition is very much like new.
For 2-year and up. Fleshy wheels.

Paid $799 two weeks ago. Now $340

Whatsapp only 64106636

ID: 281fe396-ab76-481b-9206-97e6bed1f1be

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xBox 360

District North Point
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: xzat1030
Price: 880 HKD

120G HDD

85% new, 100% working


Internet connectivity download


ID: 1105bfd3-ebdd-4768-b2dd-191641aa472b

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Original game controller for XBox

District North Point
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: xzat1030
Price: 130 HKD

Controller S


ID: d08930f5-b4ee-499a-b2fb-6243f787f4fa

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District Wanchai
Posted 6/24/2016
Contact: Seller
Price: 1000 HKD

Only used a few times. Whatsapp 51495513 if u have interest

ID: f960fc50-ee7e-4495-961a-93132bfead88

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