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WANTED Free Any ART appreciated please!

District Causeway Bay
Posted 5/6/2015
Contact: Whatsapp +60 16 4431609 or email lookingregency@gmail.com
Price: :1 HKD

Love art in ANY form, ie. paintings, sculpture, anything visual, or performing arts, (though of course, that's not something I can collect and admire, in my own home! Haha!)
As I honestly can't afford to pay for art though, I would only take anything anyone wants to share, for free. From one genuine art lover to another. Am certainly NOT a Collector looking to sell etc.. Am asking, purely for own consumption/admiration only!
Looking forward to seeing, and/or to discussing with anyone, my sincere appreciation of any form of art, which you may want to share/give away, for free.
I would also let you know if it's something that I would appreciate and accept or not. if not, I would let you know honestly why not, (probably only due to differing tastes), and I will also still give you leads etc., where/who you might want to contact. But if you are the Artist self, and if I love something, promise I will shout so LOUD, whole world will hear! : ) (That is, doesn't matter if you will give me something, for free, or not! : ( (Told you - I just appreciate art so much, for art's sake!)
Whatsapp + 60 16 4431609, email, or message here OK. Thanks, can't wait!

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pedal harp wanted

District Kowloon
Posted 5/6/2015
Contact: 96297729
Price: :80000 HKD

46or47pedal harp wanted

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garment steamer

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 5/6/2015
Contact: 92708872
Price: :100 HKD

Looking to buy garments steamer For 100$ Of any brand

Whatsap 92708872

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Bicycle box to ship standard size bike

District Happy Valley
Posted 5/5/2015
Contact: John
Price: :50 HKD

I need to ship a bike overseas, looking for anyone who has one to give away. I had one but it was mistakenly thrown out due to miscommunication. Thanks!

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Concept 2 Rowing Machine Wanted

District Wanchai
Posted 5/5/2015
Contact: Buyer
Price: :2000 HKD

Let me know if you have a used Concept 2 Rowing Machine you'd like to sell.

Must be in good working order.

Rower Machine Wanted

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Looking for unwanted car for free

District New Territories
Posted 5/5/2015
Contact: Tai Po
Price: :1 HKD

Hi, if you have your new car coming and your old car is not needed any longer but it still runs well and safe, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to give her longer life she deserves than just being torn down for parts.
We are going to move to a village house where transportation would be a bit of a challenge in some rainy days or rush morning hour. It would be really helpful to have a car just to move around the neighborhood safely, like going to schools with the kids, or simply buying groceries at the market.
I can not offer you a price for your kindness, but I assure you that your long-beloved car will be well-cared and loved until the day she choose to retire in honor.
Be kind to one another :)

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Looking for a Remote E-Collar for Dogs

District Midlevels Central
Posted 5/3/2015
Contact: Dog Training
Price: :25 HKD

Hi, Everyone im looking for an E-collar for dogs, if you have one that you are no longer using or just wish to sell it off, please contact with details and model.


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District Kowloon
Posted 5/3/2015
Contact: Steve
Price: :1 HKD

I am interested in buying old autograph books , signed photos or full collections people in Hong Kong may wish to sell .

my name is Steve and i am willing to travel anywhere in Hong Kong to view collections and will pay good money for the right autographs that will would be welcome additions to my personal collection ;-)))

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LAP charity for rescued animals

District Midlevels West
Posted 5/3/2015
Contact: Veronica
Price: :1 HKD


I'm looking for free items for LAP which is Lifelong Animal Protection charity that have just set up an animal shelter in Kowloon. The dogs & cats are currently on Lamma Island but now they have a new place to house the dogs that are ready for adoption. They have been rescuing and rehoming animals for many years now. You can look them up on the internet to check. www.lap.org.hk

If you have any of the following items you would like to donate, please let me know:
1 - large sofa
2 - towels
3 - sheets
4 - water bottles (for washing down pee when the dogs go for a walk)
5 - washing machine
6 - dryer (for sheets & towels)
7 - Filing cabinet
8 - Desk
9 - Desk chair
10 - any animal items, food, toys that you may no longer need

You may have other items that would be well needed and used so please let me know. Fastest way to contact me is by whatsapp/call/text to 9685-1313

Pls let me know as I am helping them gather these items for the new "Half Way House". I have attached some of the photos a volunteer has prepared for the Charity.


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Looking for free juicer/Blender

District Kowloon
Posted 5/3/2015
Contact: awz 5161-5496 msg/whatsapp
Price: :1 HKD

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