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IKEA Kivik sofa/footstool cover wanted

District Kowloon
Posted 8/29/2016
Contact: Pm me please
Phone: Not specified
Price: 1 HKD

Let me know if u have the sofa/footstool cover to give away

Details ID: 24e69a32-f9b2-4308-a4df-8fcd393acecd

Wanted: Broken Laptops/Tablets/Phones...

District Other
Posted 8/29/2016
Contact: Geeky Hunter
Phone: Not specified
Price: 1 HKD

I am interested in broken (and working as well) consumer electronics. I am particularly interested in laptops/desktops/tablets/phones/cameras (or even parts)

If you have any of these lying around, and don't want to it end up in a landfill; drop me a line. Please do let me know the details, and its current condition.

I can come over someone convenient for you to pickup,


Details ID: 66b7bcd4-aadc-41bd-9957-463f619164e9

Looking for Legos

District Other
Posted 8/29/2016
Contact: The Lego Dude
Phone: Not specified
Price: 1 HKD

Anyone has outgrown their legos is willing to give it away? I'm a Lego fan, and I'm trying to acquire parts to build a little town.

Let me know what you have to offer, thank you.

Details ID: 51d2c3e6-1d8f-4d5c-9d34-428d7e773ed7

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Metal rod for metal shelves (Mesh)

District New Territories
Posted 8/29/2016
Contact: Metal rod for metal shelves (Mesh)
Phone: Not specified
Price: 100 HKD

I'm looking for some metal rods for metal shelves. I already have the shelves, just looking for the rods. Ideally minimum 4 pcs.
If you have some unused and unwanted ones, please gimme a msg here with more details.

Details ID: 22a6a912-2f3d-481f-956e-2718c5cc5a74

Wanted: Furniture for Charity

District New Territories
Posted 8/28/2016
Contact: Stephanie
Phone: 95077597
Price: 1 HKD

We are a charity that is looking for some pieces of furniture in good condition. If you have any of these that you'd be willing to donate, we'd be very appreciative!
- washing machine & dryer
- bunk bed or loft bed
- single bed
- double bed
- wardrobe
- dresser/chest of drawers
- bookshelves
- energy efficient fridge
- standing fan
- shoe rack with sliding doors

Thank you!


Details ID: ea8334ea-d426-4bf9-ac37-2209cc5b7d67

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Lacrosse stick

District Happy Valley
Posted 8/28/2016
Contact: Happy Valley
Phone: 93051866
Price: 100 HKD

Wanted a (LAX) LACROSSE stick any condition for my daughter to practice in Hong Kong.
Please reply

Details ID: 9564d203-e2a3-4729-b44d-98fb5d3900a5

Looking for plates, bowls, cutlery etc.

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 8/28/2016
Contact: Ms Lau
Phone: 67115562
Price: 10 HKD

Hi there,

I'm looking for different shapes and sizes of plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs, glasses, table linen and dinnerware for a food photography course. They can be plain or with pattern.

Do you have unwanted ones? Please feel free to whatsapp me at 67115562. Great thanks!

Details ID: 1ae0fc23-7939-4ad2-b24f-487e30cdae68

Looking for IB Textbooks

District Kennedy Town
Posted 8/28/2016
Contact: Alex
Phone: 93539023
Price: 200 HKD

Looking to purchase the following IB textbooks

- IB Mathematics Standard Level (Oxford IB Diploma Programme) by Laurie Buchanan
ISBN-13: 978-0198390114

- English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma by Brad Philpot
ISBN-13: 978-1107400344

- Core Computer Science by by Kostas Dimitriou
ISBN-13: 9781471542091

Please whatsapp/text 9353 9023

Details ID: 51102a04-51ac-4b59-ab0f-b35607242b98

Looking for broken computers/electronics

District Other
Posted 8/27/2016
Contact: The Recycler
Phone: Not specified
Price: 1 HKD

I am interested in looking for broken computers and other consumer electronics, such as tablets, cameras, etc.

I am afraid I will be unable to take in large sized items such as washing machines, fridges, photocopy machines, etc.

Of course I'm fine with the ones that do work well. Whatsapp me at 9558 8284 should you have any, thanks.

Details ID: 8f46c146-34b3-4534-ad0d-d85e2033389b

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Need power adapter of cordless phone

District Other
Posted 8/26/2016
Contact: wanted
Phone: Not specified
Price: 1 HKD

Hi, if you have an unwanted power adapter of cordless phone to give away. Feel free to contact me. My adapter fell on the floor and broken, but the phone still workable. Thank you.

Power source input: 6.5v 500mA

Details ID: 4743c3cb-d958-4a97-b730-8cd59ca67ced