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Bugaboo Bee Accessories

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: whatsapp 6338 8481
Price: :1 HKD

I've got a Bugaboo Bee and would like to get some of the accessories:

Transport Bag

If you have yours about to off load, please kindly contact me with your offer, cheers!!

Send Message ID: a236feca-2f57-4681-9d2e-0d3be36e026d

Need xbox games

District New Territories
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: Kelvin 55437043
Price: :1 HKD

Hi I am looking for xbox games used will even pay for them,if anyone have please inbox or whatsapp me. Thank you

Send Message ID: b05c2b6c-91f1-424b-8422-ffd42d898f61


District Causeway Bay
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: 9739059
Price: :1 HKD

would like to buy telephone with caller dispaly and speaker phone.
Will pay for it.
Call 97390509

Send Message ID: 978dfd3c-7384-45c9-8637-ab40b6db3750

Looking for Legos

District Other
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: The Lego Dude
Price: :1 HKD

Anyone has outgrown their legos is willing to give it away? I'm a Lego fan, and I'm trying to acquire parts to build a little town.

Let me know what you have to offer, thank you.

Send Message ID: 51d2c3e6-1d8f-4d5c-9d34-428d7e773ed7


District South Side
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: RK
Price: :10 HKD

Hi - i am looking for unused Taekwando Uniform if you have to give away for my 11year old son. If available please message me.

Send Message ID: e3a357ca-dc7e-46e7-9e4a-b7ae7e4a1f56

stickers WANTED

District Kowloon
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: 61380223
Price: :.1 HKD

Hello Hong Kong,

I am (re)starting to collect stickers and I'd like to take care of your stickers now, the ones in a drawer and the ones you are about to throw away.

If you want to make a collector happy please gather them and I will pick them up, I collect all kinds, shapes and eras :) very much into all types of stickers.

whatsapp 6138 0223

Send Message ID: 761a7738-ad55-4589-9166-03b9dc2e6887

Looking for broken computers/electronics

District Other
Posted 8/31/2015
Contact: The Recycler
Price: :1 HKD

I am interested in looking for broken computers and other consumer electronics, such as tablets, cameras, etc.

I am afraid I will be unable to take in large sized items such as washing machines, fridges, photocopy machines, etc.

Of course I'm fine with the ones that do work well. Whatsapp me at 9558 8284 should you have any, thanks.

Send Message ID: 1af4153a-67dd-42ce-aebb-5fcad6cb642d

Hong Kong Post Stamps Catalogue Volume I

District Quarry Bay
Posted 8/30/2015
Contact: Ann
Price: :50 HKD

I am looking for a copy of the "Hong Kong Post Stamps Catalogue Volume I", published by the Hong Kong Post Office.

Please Whatsapp me.at 9106 2478 if you have a copy.

Send Message ID: 7b27bb22-77a8-40f3-ab5a-81b003ea6588

Wanted: Free smartphone

District Other
Posted 8/30/2015
Contact: Other
Price: :1 HKD

If you have a free used smartphone to give away, please contact me. I would like to give it to my 70 years old mother.

Send Message ID: 7dcd01bf-5ece-4aa8-8fd9-7f6bd5dd2c38

Looking for indoor plants

District Other
Posted 8/30/2015
Contact: wanted
Price: :1 HKD

Hi, if you have some unwanted indoor plants to give away, feel free to let me know. I am willing to take care of them. Thank you.

Send Message ID: 95303267-4e6c-4368-985d-56ec5e209507

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