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wii console playset

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 3/22/2015
Contact: 92708872
Price: 250 HKD

My son would like to buy a second hand Wii console set out of his savings. If anyone willing to sell for 250$ for Wii console set , pls. Let me know.

Will appreciate so much. You're surely make one little boy very happy.

Many thanks

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WANTED: simple mannequin for clothing

District Kowloon
Posted 3/21/2015
Contact: Asiaxpat Messaging
Price: 1 HKD

Hi, I'm looking for a simple mannequin, without the head, arms and legs (see photos). Ideally cloth bound. If you're a fashion house or seamstress wanting to get rid of an old one, please let me know :)

Will also buy it for super cheap. I can pick it up myself. Thanks!

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Dehumidifier Wanted 25L/Day or above

District New Territories
Posted 3/18/2015
Contact: Mark 95379027
Price: 100 HKD

I am looking for a used dehumidifier for 25L/day or above for my home in HK. If any one is willing to give or sell for max 100 HKD, please be more than welcome to contact me by whatsapp 95379027.

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