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Friday, 12/19/2014


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Panasonic 42litre Microwave

District North Point
Posted 12/10/2014
Contact: North Point

Wanted to purchase:
Panasonic NN-CD997S Microwave/Grill/Convection Oven.
42 Litres
Must be in excellent condition
Must be a realistic price
Whatsapp/Message ONLY on 91696936 or respond to my Inbox on AsiaXpat.
Please do not contact me regarding other appliances.

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ID: 4b43f683-ce86-4e29-9870-731b55ab7b60

Foldup Bike

District New Territories
Posted 12/10/2014
Contact: Colin 94483072

20inch foldup bike in good condition, please reply with Brand name. What price you want and your location in Hong Kong.


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ID: 41f7589d-3e76-404b-ab71-1612053c5ce5

Looking for broken computers/electronics

District Other
Posted 12/10/2014
Contact: THE Recycler

I am interested in looking for broken computers and other consumer electronics. Of course I'm fine with the ones that do work well. Whatsapp me at 9558 8284 should you have any, thanks.

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ID: 9973ed5c-8c07-4ba7-982d-c8bc357983e8

looking for mirrored ikea pax wardrobe doors 50 x 229 cms

District Wanchai
Posted 12/9/2014
Contact: 98139405

Im looking for two mirrored ikea pax wardrobe doors 50 x 229 cms. I can collect anywhere and am willing to pay a reasonable price.

Please contact me on 98139405.

Thank you.

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ID: 121ec493-1f8e-440e-8ad9-fe2bf78f572b

Wanted: Furniture for Charity

District New Territories
Posted 12/9/2014
Contact: Stephanie

We are a charity that is looking for some pieces of furniture in good condition. If youhave any of these that you'd be willing to donate, we'd be very appreciative!
- 3-seater sofa or L-shaped couch
- ceiling fans with lights
- sideboard
- dresser/chest of drawers
- large dining table with chairs that can seat at least 6 people
- cupboard
- energy efficient fridge
- bookshelf with doors
- gardening tools
- microwave
- outdoor furniture
- industrial sink
- standing fan
- lamp

Thank you!


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ID: 1caa2871-8d90-4bc0-82e9-17845b03a205

Wanted Miniature (Cognac/Whisky/Liquor...etc)

District Other
Posted 12/9/2014
Contact: Jeremy

Dear All,
I am a Miniature Collector, If you have any Miniature(Cognac/Whisky/Liquor/Wine.....etc), please let me know.



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ID: 33886b18-6042-4f79-b4eb-20fdb7221d94

Used Furniture

District New Territories
Posted 12/9/2014
Contact: CY

A new dog shelter for old and handicapped dogs and we need:
Lots of concrete tiles for mud floor, many towels, a big pot for cooking to doggies, dog toy or cages, 2 wardrobes, Two air conditioners in 1HP, old cabinets or anything that you can donate. Preferably in NT or transport by donaters are much appreciated. We do not have much capital, rent a place to build some shelter to save life only. Tks.

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ID: 1373f6a8-6a48-4829-9a09-3f19c2a9ab1c

Looking for indoor plants

District North Point
Posted 12/8/2014
Contact: wanted

Hi, if you have some small plants to give away, I am very happy to take good care of them. Feel free to contact me to pick up. Thank you.

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ID: 46233745-30b9-4a9e-be01-84b4a18d4f66

Dehumidifier wanted

District Causeway Bay
Posted 12/8/2014
Contact: Alan

I am looking for a good dehumidifier.
Please contact me if you have one for sale.
Can meet on HK island MTR line
Whatsapp/viber/text 9651 3578

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ID: b904cc12-b56a-46d6-b777-c28e186a33ce

scrap IPHONE and SAMSUNG mobile phone and IPAD

District New Territories
Posted 12/8/2014
Contact: chaper

buying defective iphone and samsung mobile phone and ipad just give me message if you want to sell

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ID: aac54b15-d5a0-4f30-9c6d-380c53f59cc8

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