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Looking for candles

District Other
Posted 4/24/2015
Contact: wanted
Price: :1 HKD

Hi, if you have some unwanted candles to give away, feel free to let me know. Thank you.

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in need of a graphics card

District Kowloon
Posted 4/23/2015
Contact: whatsapp 92135602
Price: :1 HKD

anyone willing to giveaway their graphics card. urgent.

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Looking for unwanted car for free

District New Territories
Posted 4/23/2015
Contact: Tai Po
Price: :1 HKD

Hi, if you have your new car coming and your old car is not needed any longer but it still runs well and safe, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to give her longer life she deserves than just being torn down for parts.
We are going to move to a village house where transportation would be a bit of a challenge in some rainy days or rush morning hour. It would be really helpful to have a car just to move around the neighborhood safely, like going to schools with the kids, or simply buying groceries at the market.
I can not offer you a price for your kindness, but I assure you that your long-beloved car will be well-cared and loved until the day she choose to retire in honor.
Be kind to one another :)

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Need free iPhone 5s, 5c or 6 😃

District Kowloon
Posted 4/22/2015
Contact: 51985309
Price: :1 HKD

Need free iPhone 5s, 5c or 6 😃 for self use NOT FOR RESALE!!! In working condition.
Will take good care of your iPhone if u don't need it anymore 😊

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lumia 1020

District New Territories
Posted 4/20/2015
Contact: jean
Price: :1 HKD

looking for a lumia 1020 please message me

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airline transport box for dog

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 4/20/2015
Contact: 97772486 (no Whatsapp)
Price: :400 HKD

Is anyone offloading an airline approved transport box for a dog? Dimensions should be 92x61x66cm

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District Kennedy Town
Posted 4/20/2015
Contact: 55928233
Price: :10000 HKD

OUTDOOR Furniture wanted please (L Sofa, Deck Chairs, BBQ, Coffee Table, Tall potted plants, Umbrella etc etc)


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Seeking a free digital TV box

District Other
Posted 4/3/2015
Contact: j
Price: :1 HKD

I'm looking for a free digital TV box for old CRT TV use only.
If you do't need and willing give out, please send message for me.
I willing self pick up. Thank you.

Send Message ID: dc079d5b-1d6a-4c40-8470-887f4d2ba600