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Tuesday, 9/2/2014


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Oven for baking bread

District South Side
Posted 8/26/2014
Contact: Daisy
ID: 7bd54afc-519f-461f-acf1-2fbc63d84b79

Dear all,
Anyone can donate an oven (not too small) please leave a message here. Thanks for your generosity.

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wanted to buy N8 nokia

District Other
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: jan
ID: 727b1e2c-17e8-4a37-b463-1af0ea89139d

hi anyone have N8 used or new ?  message me here im interested to buy but in good condition and good looking,  send picture and price to this account,
thanks #5478-4812 jan 

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Room Sharing/sublet

District New Territories
Posted 8/25/2014
Contact: 61027286
ID: da7c7680-36c0-4f52-bf3d-de53b18d5c83

Hi I m looking for a person willing to share with me in a 610sq ft apartment in Tsingyi , if interested please contact me or whatsapp at 61027286

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Wanted - any free nintendo - gameboy or consoles

District Kowloon
Posted 8/24/2014
Contact: Ray
ID: 00f140b4-be7b-4896-96fe-e29c2ffc93eb

Hi all,
Looking for old nintendo gameboys and games,
I fix them and clean them up and donate to under privilege kids in hong kong.
Please message me.
Thank you

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fish tank wanted

District Quarry Bay
Posted 8/24/2014
Contact: 64660893
ID: 6e50b6af-2d8c-40a0-9676-0f042efcb0a3

hi I m looking a unwanted fish tank to give away,contact me if any

Thanks !!

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Sony xperia

District Causeway Bay
Posted 8/24/2014
Contact: android
ID: 8fbd572f-f87c-4c7c-891d-7af1d4fcff02

Looking for a second hand phone , preferrably sony xperia , want cheap one . $600

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Instant camera

District Causeway Bay
Posted 8/24/2014
Contact: /
ID: daa522b5-a0e0-4ea8-bead-a8602ca3f434

Looking for an instant camera

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Wanted Bonaqua or TipTop or Watsons Water Contract..!!!

District Kowloon
Posted 8/24/2014
Contact: RISHI - +852 9205 7720
ID: a7ada696-d538-4aed-be1e-87f31e4a676f

i want a contract of bonaqua or tip top or watsons water contract..the contract shud have minimum of 10  bottles remaining. i will be paying sufficient price for that contract. so plz feel free to contact me.
Whatzzp or Call: Rishi : +852 9205 7720

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Free Stamps for Kid's Collection

District Causeway Bay
Posted 8/22/2014
Contact: Mrs. Lee
ID: de33ea51-e658-4f8b-ac52-91cefbd5ee19

My kids just start to collect the stamps.  Please let me know if you are free to give away.  Thanks a lot!

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RUG possibly black or dark

District Wanchai
Posted 8/21/2014
ID: 71c4a6c9-7b99-4d5c-b3a5-0eae2b6c96cb

I am looking for a rug possibly black but I am quite flexible!

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