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District North Point
Posted 7/22/2015
Contact: 53285909
Price: :150 HKD

Looking for helmet PAS105

Send Message ID: 72e870a6-950a-4d26-972b-9891d5f8061d

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Fancy dress items

District South Side
Posted 7/22/2015
Contact: 9440 4423
Price: :300 HKD

Wanted...a buyer for some Fancy dress/Halloween stuff. Adult size though could make smaller

selection of Scary lady
60s scarves, beads,wig, necklaces
full head masks



Send Message ID: 2b406e3b-bf40-4776-98b2-5e85b196f273

Wanted Small Cycle for Kids

District Kowloon
Posted 7/21/2015
Contact: 97643032
Price: :1 HKD


I want toddler's cycle for my daughter she is 3yrs old.
If somebody have 2 wheeler bike with supporting and willing to sell in discounted price please msg me,

Send Message ID: 6c9e9d95-e160-4f14-8011-6f52ad23eb79

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Choya 750ml Empty Bottle

District Wanchai
Posted 7/21/2015
Contact: 93894959
Price: :1 HKD

If you are having one of this empty and going to throw it away. I would like to have it. Please WhatsApp me. Thanks in advance.

Send Message ID: 30f0c41d-9930-4e96-a419-e5b914cef4d6

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District Happy Valley
Posted 7/20/2015
Contact: Kay (sms/whatsapp 60254710)
Price: :1 HKD

Hello, I'm looking for this Ikea day bed, please contact me if you have one to sell.
Many thanks

Send Message ID: d4d34fa3-d196-401c-be03-7036a2dc6bc4

Looking for broken computers/electronics

District Other
Posted 7/20/2015
Contact: THE Recycler
Price: :1 HKD

I am interested in looking for broken computers and other consumer electronics, such as tablets, cameras, etc.

I am afraid I will be unable to take in large sized items such as washing machines, fridges, photocopy machines, etc.

Of course I'm fine with the ones that do work well. Whatsapp me at 9558 8284 should you have any, thanks.

Send Message ID: 96632877-5a53-47e8-b5e1-9eb8d9a7ab4e

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Multi-level clothes rack

District Other
Posted 7/20/2015
Contact: 9145 0027
Price: :100 HKD

I am looking for a multi-level clothes rack like the ones below. Please let me know if you have one and your price. Please PM or whatsapp me at 9145 0027, thanks!

Send Message ID: c31cafa6-9550-4073-9f90-bfe4ebed7388

wanted toddler bed

District Other
Posted 7/20/2015
Contact: 98300395
Price: :1 HKD

I am looking for a toddler bed.
please contact me if you are selling one .

Send Message ID: db2677ee-ba50-4e8f-96e6-6d4f28906239

Looking for free paper shreder

District Wanchai
Posted 7/20/2015
Contact: free paper shreder
Price: :1 HKD

Hi, I'm looking for a free paper shredder if you don't need it any longer.
i can pick up in wanchai/cwb after office hour.

Send Message ID: 78c81665-fd13-4cf3-9f10-9380069fc105

Free veil or see through curtains

District Causeway Bay
Posted 7/19/2015
Contact: whatsapp 9228 0943
Price: :1 HKD

Still looking for several pieces of veil or see through curtains. Please whatsapp 92280943.

Send Message ID: 8d197f0b-526b-4ab5-ad63-4ecc95a66af7

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