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Friday, 11/28/2014


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Violin Wanted

District Other
Posted 11/20/2014
Contact: wanted

Hi, if you have a violin for beginner to give away, I am happy to get it for my little girl. Feel free to let me know. Thank you.

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ID: 4c54a549-5801-4553-8de2-84fbc50f6a66

Looking for furniture

District Wanchai
Posted 11/20/2014
Contact: Pls inbox me. Thanks!

Looking for a few furniture:
1) Double Bed Frame
2) Storage Cabinet
3) Wardrobe
4) TV Table


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ID: 756aac0c-423f-4e29-be47-31f8302b4e15

Wanted Montessori educational appliances and materials

District Other
Posted 11/20/2014
Contact: call 9340 1421

Hello, I'm looking for any Montessoris educational appliances and materials, for my family kid.
If you have such items, please call me 9340 1421, Grace.

If anybody has any educational appliances and toys, please also feel free to call me.

Thank you for reading.

Cheers !!

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ID: 6716dccb-41a4-4b47-b85a-e7068f7bc417

Collecting unwanted things

District Kowloon
Posted 11/19/2014
Contact: 59850163

hello. good day

i am anni 26 years old..im looking for any old personal computer set..anyone who doesnt need it.please kindly contact me.i need it for my sister who is studying in college right now taking up conputer course.it will be a great help for me..

also those who are having old phones or gadgets and any unused appliances,i would be greatful to have it and pick it up anytime instead of you throwing it..thank you very much..kindly contact me in my number 59850163..thank you ang Godbless

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ID: 46739d30-41a9-4805-a1dd-74c8bf46e7a8

Looking for a piano

District Kowloon
Posted 11/19/2014
Contact: Sss

Looking for a piano...willl collect it immediately.

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ID: 59b13219-9050-4079-b575-c3722435709b

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Looking for a Desk top computer

District Kowloon
Posted 11/19/2014
Contact: Luke

Looking for a cheap desk top can be windows or mac, any brand is accepted, no need for display, if it has the installation disk better. if selling please be reasonable with selling price.

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ID: ad7f7ce9-d256-449f-82f9-915210dbc10b

LEGO Minifigures WANTED

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 11/18/2014
Contact: Ray

Hi Ya,

I'm looking for any LEGO Minifigures for a acquire project.

Let me know what you have to offer, thank you.


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ID: 56365450-dc9a-4746-8a26-c0f66602efea

Small fridge

District Kennedy Town
Posted 11/17/2014
Contact: 56957475

I am looking for used small fridge. Affordable price not expensive brands. If you have one, please, text or whatsup me at 5695 7475. Thanks!

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ID: 61ccfbcd-81fb-4f8d-8597-459787e20c56


District Midlevels Central
Posted 11/17/2014
Contact: Jenny and Peter 90412199

We are afamily with a disabled son who attends university in Australia and will be inHong Kong in late December and January. Since we both work full time we arelooking for a part time driver who could drive our son out in the afternoons(only). If you are taking holidays and have a driver who may be able to help wewould love to hear from you: Jenny and Peter 90412199

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ID: 01f4bf9d-9c32-41ac-8843-893a201f2e26

Cheap blow-back airsoft gun.(pistol only)

District Peak
Posted 11/16/2014
Contact: Aaron John

If u have 1 we can negotiate for the price.

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ID: d6932abf-e018-4bf1-8404-fa5a27c8df3d

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