Regain my Relationship

I coach in areas of infidelity, jealousy, mid-life crisis and conflict management. Why do you want to save your relationship? What skills do you have?

One person can make a difference. Relationships can be complex, it takes two people to make it work but only one to end it. Often I speak with only one person who decides to take a stand, make a difference and work to regain their relationship. How can I change my partner and make them love me again? Newsflash - you can't!
What are you prepared to do, how far are you willing to go? You can't heal your relationship with the same set of skills that contributed to the disconnection in the first place. By working on areas of change and creating and awareness of why your in this position now, we coach to move you forward working on ways to increase the connection. Change happens slowly, quick change can be seen as being manipulative or superficial, like a veneer. "Look at me, can't you see I've changed?" Deep change and growth are what we aim for, deep change is long lasting. To work on change and start moving towards your partner instead of moving away, call me now 23764992.