Fongs Lawyers

FONGS is a local law firm, created in 2006 by Dr. Edmond Fong, to provide legal and business services to local and international clients, who have business interests in Hong Kong and in PRC. Our team of 20 Lawyers, qualified in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions such as PRC, France and the Uk, have a strong expertise of the local market, as well as extensive experience in advising international clients on cross border operations.
FONGS has set up an international International practice, aiming at offering legal services to the foreign community that Hong Kong is so famous for, without them having to go back to heir home countries.

Main practice areas:
• Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisition
• Commercial and Corporate Law
• Banking, Finance and Securities Law
• Insurance and dispute resolution
• Employees compensation and personal injuries & Medical Negligence
• Property and conveyancing
• Wealth management, trust and Succession
• Family law
• Intellectual property
• Immigration
• International Law
• PRC Law