ComeWith HK

ComeWith HK

Defining a new way to explore this great city. ComeWith HK is a travel experience based around the idea that you always have a better time somewhere when you are visiting friends and family, let us be your new friends.

Hong Kong is a city for everyone, why don't you ComeWith Us and explore it.

We tailor a tour to your interests, we treat you as a guest in our city, as if you are family.
We love this place and we want you to as well.

ComeWith us
- on one of HKs amazing hiking trails or out to the secluded beaches
- for lunch out on one of the Islands
- exploring the amazing HKs landmarks
- to have amazing food experiences that Hong Kong is famous for

We can organise traditional tours, or something a little more special. You tells us what you like and we guarantee we can sort it our based on time, budget and activity level.

We are a couple of young life long locals here in HK, so ComeWith us and we can help plan the rest of your stay in HK too.

We have also been around the world a few times so if you want any advice about any other destination well gladly give you a helping hand.

Send us an Email, text or whatsapp and be sure to check out our website.