Dr. Melanie Bryan, Psy. D. Mind Matters, ltd

Dr Melanie Bryan is a USA trained Clinical Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist,
Hypnotherapist & Therapeutic Coach specializing in short-term therapy & hypnosis with
individuals, couples & families. My training and experience is broad based and extensive,
employing a variety of approaches, including alternative, depending on a clients unique needs.
I am a long-standing member of the American Psychological Assn., the American Society of
Clinical Hypnosis, the American Assoc. of Marriage & Family Therapists, the HK Psychological Assn. and it's Clinical Division.

Kindly visit my website for articles on a range of topics including relationship conflicts,
infidelity, divorce, anxiety, phobias (fear of flying/public speaking), quitting smoking quickly, weight loss, concentration problems and exam jitters, explosive anger, etc.

Hours: Mon. thru Sat. Feel free to ring me with your questions.
Credit cards accepted.

(I can also be found in this Directory under Hypnotherapy)