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POSTED BY HarryCo (4 yrs ago)
Hi there,

I am looking into the question how to obtain sole custody for my illegitimate child which will be delivered by a Hong Kong person, I am not married to and don't want to be.

I am wonderinge, whether it is allowed under HK law to make a voluntary and legally binding (private or notified to a court or authority) agreement between me and her that is granting sole parental custody/guardianship to me and allows me to take the kid overseas?

It would be great to get any kind of help.

#1 POSTED BY tommytommy (4 yrs ago)
Hi Harry,

What a situation. The only advice I can think of giving is to seek out a professional. Famiy lawyer perhaps? Best of luck.
#2 POSTED BY tedlem (3 yrs ago)
I can only see this for the mom. If it is for the dad, there would be a mom during delivery. For the mom, you can say that you don't know who the father is during delivery and not write a father's name in the birth certificate.
#3 POSTED BY UK1971 (12 mths ago)
he can go to the courts after the childs birth is registered. You have to make a legal pledge in front of 2 Government officails stating the Father is unknown. As this is not the case the father can take the woman to court and I presume one of her charges would be cotempt have proved she lied in an affidivdt!

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