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Hubby -- I am an Australian citizen who adopted two children while living overseas. My advice to you is to first check with the Child Welfare authorities in your home state for their regulations about adopting while overseas. The minimum requirement is to have lived overseas for a certain number of years (I can't remember how many), otherwise you have to go through Australian adoption agencies.

I adopted my children legally through the family court system in their home country as I was living there at the time. Later, the adoptions were validated in the Family Court of my home state in Australia and the children were issued with Aussie birth certificates and new names. We then had to apply for naturalisation as citizens of Australia and then for Aussie passports. This was done through the Australian embassy. Prior to the issuing of Aussie passports, the children held valid passports from their home country, in their original names. With these, we were able to travel to Australia and other places for holidays while all the paperwork was being done. I always carried a copy of the adoption papers from their home country, just in case I had to prove our relationship, but I never needed to do so.

I went out of my way to ensure all was legal as I had read stories of children being refused entry into Australia after being adopted by Australians overseas. I think the main thing could be that you need to be able to prove that you have not adopted overseas in order to bypass the system in Australia.

It sounds as if the local Social Welfare Dept in HK is very good, so why not approach them?
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Hi, why dont you want to go thru the Adoption Unit of the Social Welfare Dept. in HK???? We are right now in the adoption process with them and feel quite comfortable! Everything is going very well and quite fast compared to other countries and the people are very kind and helpful. Even if you do not want to adopt a child from HK they can give you some advise for international adoption in other asian countries.
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Contact Mother's Choice at or at

They run adoption services in HK.
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Dear Aria, where in Vietnam are you living? Our daughter is from Vietnam from an orphanage in Saigon. We adopted her thru an agency 2 years ago.
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Several of my friends (two Australian couples, one English couple, one American couple) have adopted via Social Welfare in HK ... fast (approval as quickly as two months), but thorough processing of applications and all of them very successful adoptions. I'm not sure why "hubby" has such a strong feeling against it, but "Adoption", maybe you should not dismiss this option out of hand. Sorry I don't have anything more specific but wish you the best of luck.

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