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Monday, 9/1/2014


POSTED BY Miguel Amaral (10 yrs ago)

Although we live in Beijing and we want to adopt a chinese baby, it is not possible to do it, except if we go via an adoption agency in the UK.

Any suggestions

#1 POSTED BY paddington (10 yrs ago)

motherschoice in hong kong arranges adoptions. they may be able to help.
Good luck

#2 POSTED BY komatteiru (10 yrs ago)

Any chance of working here in Hong Kong? Then it wld be much easier to do the adoption here. My husband is British and it only took us less than a year to finish the whole process. And the fees involved was very very little. Not just money wise, because the Social Welfare Department is so efficient, easy to talk to and you can enquire your case anytime with your social worker.

#3 POSTED BY Kristin49998 (10 yrs ago)

All of the people I know who have adopted while living in China have been US citizens, but none have had to wait more than 18 months for their new family member!
Have you looked into the orphanages directly? I have a American teacher friend, living in Beijing, who will be picking up her daughter next month from a foreign-church supported orphanage.

#4 POSTED BY Mighty (10 yrs ago)

Yes kristin, you are right about the US citizens. But Brits are in a different situation compared to US citizens in China. May be political reasons, i am not sure.

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