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Wednesday, 9/3/2014

graphic Designers

POSTED BY Danza (5 yrs ago)

G'day Guys,
Does anyone know where i may find a graphic designer? Specifically one that can speak english.

#1 POSTED BY Ed (5 yrs ago)

Matt is a good freelancer

You can also check with Katie

If you need full creative agency support there's

#2 POSTED BY Ed (5 yrs ago)

Shifting this to the Biz forum

#3 POSTED BY HKNikkers (5 yrs ago)

Not sure if you're still looking but I know Mel over at is good. She's done a bit of work for me.

#4 POSTED BY Solaris (5 yrs ago)

Would highly recommend Flash Creative:

Very professional, very creative

#5 POSTED BY mikeadams (5 yrs ago)

I do Graphic Work and can handle most projects.I work in Creative Suite and have large format and proofing capabilities in house. I can be reached at

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