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Tuesday, 9/2/2014


POSTED BY 24 (5 yrs ago)

Can anyone recommend a business consultant that helps produce business plans?

I have a small business that has been operating for a couple years. I want to approach investors now, hence, I need to have a proper business plan. I have no experience with the financials and forecasting and need expert help with that.

Any references would be greatly appreciated!

#1 POSTED BY cookie09 (5 yrs ago)

pm me if you like to consider mba students helping you out. they do this on a regular basis and might do it for free even

#2 POSTED BY DeepDiver (5 yrs ago)

Also I think you could find a sample business plan, and do it yourself. Though it will take you time.
For financial forcast, as you have run your business for a few years, you have the income and expenditure records. Based on the past record, you make a projection of future income/ expenditure. This shall include other expected costs (income/ expenses) for the new investments. Most important is the break-even point (i.e. when the investor can get the investment back and start the profit).

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