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Thursday, 1/29/2015

Pet sitting in tung chung or area nearby

POSTED BY hweechie (3 yrs ago)
Hi Sharon,

Can you please email me at hweechie@gmail.com?

I need help urgently but like to ask you more questions.


#1 POSTED BY Yellow-Wonder (3 yrs ago)

Do you still provide Pet Sitting service?

I have two mongrels.

Male: 23Kg

Female: 15Kg

Very well train and easy to take care. They follow only to English commands.

Feed precooked food once a day (during 6pm-9pm). Walk twice a day for max. 1 hour (morning: during 7am-11am / night: during 6pm-9pm)

Can you let me know the price for 5 days service and 7 days service.

From Oct 17-23 this year.



#2 POSTED BY babzzi (3 yrs ago)

Please advise regarding boarding space for our pet Ica. 25kg Mongrol. 5.5 years old.

We need for March 18th-31st or any part of that you have available.

Please advise price as well.
#3 POSTED BY allyd13 (3 yrs ago)
am moving o HK april 10 to Kowloong, need someone 3 days a week and on saturdays... would you be available?
#4 POSTED BY Donmer (3 yrs ago)

Where do you live, and what is your daily rate to look after a small dog at your home?
#5 POSTED BY JBullis (2 yrs ago)
I live in Tung Chung. I have a rabbit and two love birds. Need someone the week of Christmas holidays...26 Dec to Jan 1. to come in my flat daily or every other day to feed and water. Would like a response as soon as you can.


#6 POSTED BY joshua1414 (2 yrs ago)
Hi Phil,

I live in Tung Chung as well and I've used these guys recently to take care of my pets, and was very satisfied.


Hope this helps!


#7 POSTED BY sharon_yk (2 yrs ago)
Hi, Phil, msg you. :)
#8 POSTED BY Imdonna (22 mths ago)
Hi Sharon,

I just recently moved my 2 small dogs to Tung Chung and am looking for someone to occasionally care for them when we are out of town either at our home or yours. Is this something you would be interested in? If so, let me know and I can provide more details.


#9 POSTED BY sharon_yk (22 mths ago)
Hi, my condo doesnt allow pets.

I can visit your house though.

Please let me know the details.

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