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Saturday, 1/31/2015

63rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

POSTED BY kjshek (3 yrs ago)
Does anybody know where can I find a copy of the speech?

Thank you and hope someone can help me.

Thank you!
#1 POSTED BY cath youngs (3 yrs ago)
Which piece/age group are you looking for? I can help you with English pieces.
#2 POSTED BY kjshek (3 yrs ago)
Hi Cath,

it's for prImary 3, "Just a skin thing" by Carol Rumble

Thank you!
#3 POSTED BY kjshek (3 yrs ago)
Got it already! Thank you!
#4 POSTED BY joehongkong (3 yrs ago)
Dear all,

Just wonder does anyone of you has a good english teacher can be referred to my 5 yrs boy? He is going to participate the contest.

many thanks

#5 POSTED BY hkforever (3 yrs ago)
You may want to check at Interactive Tutors (interactivetutors.hk) - Some of their students participate in the contest as well.
#6 POSTED BY hongkongdaddy (2 yrs ago)
There's also good information about the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival at www.speechfestival.com
#7 POSTED BY EXpatlady (2 yrs ago)
I am a good English teacher. I work in North Point and have exerpience of the Speech Festival. I am a NET and have worked in local and international schools in HK for the last 10 years.


#8 POSTED BY Naturebaby (2 yrs ago)
I heard a beautiful poem at the 63rd Speech Festival, titled "How do you say goodbye" by Lois Simmie. But I cannot find this poem. Does anyone has a copy of this poem?

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