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POSTED BY hkmama1 (8 yrs ago)
When is a DH entitled to start receiving extra pay ie. the bonus or retirement upon leaving. i mean mine has been with me 4 years almost and we are debating whether to renew contract for third time. i heard i need to pay more salary or is it they then start to earn retirement money....?

she has indicated that she will likely go home - mum's orders but i still would like to ask her.

#1 POSTED BY dagregado (8 yrs ago)
she is entitled to long service pay after 5 years with the same employer
#2 POSTED BY hkmama1 (8 yrs ago)
lol meant long service but couldn't think of the word. she has mentioned to me that u may only renew her contract with me for one year. so if she worked for me for just 5 years then went home do i owe her long service? thanks
#3 POSTED BY dagregado (8 yrs ago)
As long as she has served 5 years continuously, she is already entitled to long service pay, regardless if its 5 years exact or more....whether she is terminated or finished contract.
#4 POSTED BY sydexpat (8 yrs ago)
As your current helper has worked for you for almost 4 years, you will most likely be liable to pay her severance pay, in any event.
#5 POSTED BY hkmama1 (8 yrs ago)
is that right? never heard of that sydexpat.
#6 POSTED BY sydexpat (8 yrs ago)
"An employer should pay severance pay to the helper if she:

(a) is dismissed or the fixed term contract is not being renewed by reason of redundancy; and

(b) has not less than 2 years of service with the same employer immediately prior to termination."

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