Helper on maternity Leave - Stay out ?



POSTED BY eeiagm (8 days ago)

I wonder has anyone experience of this situation.

My helper wishes to stay out in HK with her boyfriend for the duration of her maternity leave. His sister is also there so she can have "family support" during the last month of pregnancy plus around the birth.

This is ok with me as I will need her bedroom for a live-in to cover for her during the maternity leave plus the time she will spend in her home.

I want to support her but I am concerned that will breach the rules relating to helpers. I can't find any advice on this except the general ruling that helpers must live-in.

Has anyone found guidance on this.



Kus Kus (7 days ago)
Shes on leave so that should be the same situation as a holiday. Check with labour and immigration.

dussally (7 days ago)
You can whatsapp my friend who is a domestic helper agent, I think she can answer all your questions. Her name is Susanna Ng: 66298319.

lagrue (6 days ago)
I would call immigration directly as Krus Krus suggest. It should be a cut and dried situation. In my experience domestic helper agents have been known to give imperfect information and you will have no recourse if it all goes U shaped if you rely on anyone other than the Immigration Department. Good luck.

eeiagm (4 days ago)
Thanks for the replies. Will post any further information.

Kus Kus (4 days ago)
Labour will take about a week to reply. .

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