Playgroup in North Point

POSTED BY firsttimemom (8 yrs ago)
Anyone out there interested in meeting on weekends in North Point/ Fortress Hill/ Tin Hau area with kiddies 7mths to 1 year? There are parks near by and my home is quite a good size for a small play group too?

I have a 7 month old, and I work full time...

#1 POSTED BY hikaru (8 yrs ago)
Hi firsttimemom,

I'm interested to meet up.I have a 1 yr old too.How do i contact you?Or pls send me a PM regarding the informal playgroup on weekends.Thanks.
#2 POSTED BY firsttimemom (8 yrs ago)
Hiya Hikara, I'm pm-ing you.

#3 POSTED BY Wanchai sale (8 yrs ago)
Can I join? I live near there too and have a 1 yr old too! Pls email me at
#4 POSTED BY firsttimemom (8 yrs ago)
Sure. We were thinking Sunday, Jan 4th 3pm to 5pm at my place to kick off...

Will mail you.

#5 POSTED BY firsttimemom (8 yrs ago)
Hiya Hikaru and Wanchai Sale,

I've PMd and emailed you respectively re this sunday... cheers

#6 POSTED BY GiaBaby (8 yrs ago)
hi all can i join in , althought its an old post , but im going to be living in same area and would love to meet you guys with kids , same age. i love to meet all nationality people , thats no restrictions.

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