Disasterous shenzhen shopping trip.. please help!



POSTED BY Armadillo (8 yrs ago)
Please can someone help...

I went exploring last week on recommendations for this site, and I ended up not really finding what i was looking for...

I went to dong men because I read that it was like Luo wu but cheaper. I was looking for the fake designer handbags, and knock off designer clothes you can get in commerical city...but cheaper.. but i couldnt find anything like that at all. Obviously a lot of cheap clothes, but nothing of quality, or designer. Did I miss something???

I then went to Huanqian be, and again, couldnt find any bags, just tonnes of clothes, but again only one or two shops selling high end designer clothes (chloe, burberry, marc jacobs, dianne von fustenberg etc).

What I am looking for is somewhere that sells high end designer clothes and good quality fake designer handbags but not commercial city...Or is that the only place?

Many thanks to all


blueyonder (8 yrs ago)
im looking for fake burberry sarongs if you find anywhere can you let me know cheers

Armadillo (8 yrs ago)
i havent seen any, but ill let you know if i do...

AdelaideMum (8 yrs ago)
If you get a copy of the Red Shenzen shopping guide by Ellen McNally it gives recommendations for where to go in Dongmen. I have seen buildings with lots of handbags etc like Lowu, but cheaper, in Dongmen. These were listed in her book - sorry can't remember names.

Green Panda (8 yrs ago)
If you want to buy fake goods, then the best place is the Lo Wu border mall, they do not have it out on display. You need to ask for it... Any stores can help you as they all represent one big supplier in the area...

Huanqian be is for all surplus real designer goods at a reduced prices, and with that you need to go into warehouse buildings in the back streets. They are not found on the main strip....

Armadillo (8 yrs ago)
thanks adelaide mum. I have her book, and went to the recomended malls but i only found real utter trash, so i am presuming i went wrong somewhere... how long ago did you see the good bag mall?

mamadavid (8 yrs ago)
Hi Green Panda,

What are the Chinese characters for Huanqian be?

Green Panda (8 yrs ago)
My chinese is bad, so not sure but I got you a MTR map for direction... It is 6th station from Lo Wu... Or 5 stops after lo wu...


Armadillo (8 yrs ago)

i took the mtr also to Huanquai be. it is really easy, to goto the fashion export market, so to the main road, (1st left after the station), walk about 5 mins untll you see a mcdonalds, starbucks and KFC on the left. Then down the side street is the market..

annebin (8 yrs ago)
What items are you referring to when you say "surplus real designer goods", are these bags, clothes, shoes? Was it worth visiting?

Armadillo (8 yrs ago)
mostly high street fashion.. but some stores carrying burberry, moschino, marc jacobs etc. no desigber bags or shoes..

cara (8 yrs ago)
any larger sizes? or are they all made for chopsticks?

XTC (8 yrs ago)

do you know where i can buy curtains and sofa upholstery in shenzen


Green Panda (8 yrs ago)
Mostly surplus clothings

ldsllvn (8 yrs ago)
as someone above said - the bags you see in the shops are rarely what you want - you have to say, no, I want A+ or the very best quality - and yes - you will be taken into the roof, or wall or whatever, but that is where the good stuff is... All good fun, but dont go alone, just in case...

house101 (8 yrs ago)
Pine, what kind of price is the average for a bag from Kaye Kaye, average size leather - am planning a trip to shenzen soon.


kk11 (8 yrs ago)
yes, how much? I hate spending more than 350 hk on a fake bag even if good quality.

Grape (8 yrs ago)
Yeap....Pine is right, if you want really good copies of handbags, go to Lowu Shopping Mall #4089. The rest are cheaper but easy to spot fakes...!

Hua Qiang Bei Lu (华强北路)is only good for electronics and computer stuffs.

Dong Men (东门) is cheap but beware beware beware of pickpockets....no joke !

My advice is.....just go for the DVDs, massage, and the excellent Si-Chuan food,

(try "Ba-Shu-Feng" in Ai-Guo-Lu, $20 by taxi) and forget the rest.

mochigrrl (6 yrs ago)
Why buy fake when you can get the real designer brands with us? We are doing a 3-day bazaar sale for pre-owned designer fashion. We are starting as low as $100 up and most items are 90% off from retail price.

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julie888222 (4 yrs ago)
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