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POSTED BY kerri (6 yrs ago)
Where are high quality bed sheets available?
#1 POSTED BY AimeeJ (6 yrs ago)
Try either the linen shop in Stanley - they have some good ones if you ask for the higher thread counts or Wing On have a good selection of brand names and quality.
#2 POSTED BY ldsllvn (6 yrs ago)
Prince's building has a few very nice stores.
#3 POSTED BY community advice (6 yrs ago)
Do not know what quality and price range you are looking for. For inexpensive linen, you can try HIGH QUALITY BEDSPREAD in Shamshuipo tel. 2361-3951; IKEA also has a selection in their Causeway Bay store and in that area there is G.O.D that also has a selection.

Horizon Plaza in ApLei Chau has several shops selling sheets; Days Trading Co., Room 1004, tel. 9126-6487; 25183588. also INTOHOME, Room 905 tel. 2814-7413.

At the high end, there is Mauriello tel. 2868-3308 that sells hand embroidered Italian sheets and Bed and Bath in Prince's Building tel. 2522-5151.

Hope this helps. The Community Advice Bureau (CAB)
#4 POSTED BY kneworld (6 yrs ago)
#5 POSTED BY AimeeJ (6 yrs ago)
This is a local one as well -
#6 POSTED BY cd (6 yrs ago)
Spotlight do Egyptian cotton sheets of different thread counts and different costs in all sorts of prices.
#7 POSTED BY dipenghale (3 yrs ago)
you can get high quality linen bed sheets, cushion cover, quilt cover and more at Linen House Hong Kong. visit for online order

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