Hong Kong's Best Restaurants

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Best Burger in Hong Kong?

Ed 3
mrcall7 25093 views

Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Ed 23
yeechingg 10749 views

Best French Restaurant in HK?

romain18 3
albertlam 4016 views

Best Pizza in Hong Kong?

Ed 54
ValeriaCaglioni 39845 views

Best Donut Shop in Hong Kong?

singtel 9
David Cosman 23249 views

Best Cup of Coffee in Hong Kong?

PeterfromUK 75
HappyHK 51639 views

Best sports bar in Hong Kong?

Ed 3
joswch 5274 views

Best Steakhouse in Hong Kong?

Havefaith 32
tm38tm 17675 views

Best Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong?

adele 65
lisaloh 28070 views

Best fish and chips in Hong Kong?

micks 13
sanegirl 12900 views

Best place for Japanese shabu shabu in Hong Kong?

vvv 4
brianhbma 7989 views

Best Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong?

Havefaith 36
22Bobinsky 12324 views

Best Peking Duck in Hong Kong?

mid-levels 6
latex 12304 views

Best Breakfast in Hong Kong?

Ed 17
dgp 42273 views

Best Vietnamese Pho in Hong Kong?

VanHK 37
dvantman 39773 views

Best Ribs in Hong Kong?

drm888 19
Greene King 14330 views

Best Dinner Promotion in Hong Kong?

NZlawyergirl 26
hernancasmat 31741 views

Best Thai Restaurant in Hong Kong?

sharona83 35
yesyes2015 38514 views

Best Private Kitchens in Hong Kong?

PSW 22
EnzoCavalli 16808 views

Best Bakeries in Hong Kong?

tradingpostasiaexpat 3
EnzoCavalli 3189 views