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POSTED BY msnglnk (6 yrs ago)
where do i go to get my hk marriage certificate notarized? my wife (prc chinese) and i got married in h k but it seems that neither the prc or the US will recognize an hk marriage certificate unless it is notarized by a licensed hk notary public. we are coming to h k soon. so where do i get it notarized?
#1 POSTED BY associates (6 yrs ago)
[UPDATE] Please note that fee quotes stated in historic postings may be out-of-date.

HK$400.00 standard fees set by the Notarial Assication.

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#2 POSTED BY msnglnk (6 yrs ago)
can i get it notarised here? i don't think the US immigration will care. the prc visa office here told me i couldn't use it for my visa unless i got it notarised in hk. but will they even notice if i do it here? someone also told me i couldn't notarise the original. is that true? will notarising a copy pose difficulties?
#3 POSTED BY Kumander (6 yrs ago)
check out the law society of hong kong website - they have a list of notaries and the fees are standardised. yes the consulate will care and the prc can notice and then....

#4 POSTED BY msnglnk (6 yrs ago)
whats the link for law society of hk?
#5 POSTED BY Legal Assistant (6 yrs ago)
where can I get a notary public who charges $400? The ones I asked (about witnessing an affidavit) asks for $1500. Thanks.
#6 POSTED BY metoprohk (6 yrs ago)
You might as well find us helpful, please contact us for a quote via
#7 POSTED BY daipaidong77 (5 yrs ago)
If you are American and want something notarized, the US Consulate offers notary services for US$30 (cheaper than HK $400!!). You just need to make an appt on the HK location of the US Consulate online.
#8 POSTED BY daipaidong77 (5 yrs ago)
not sure if the previous post included the link.

More info here:

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