Divorce lawyer

Does anyone know of a divorce lawyer in Hong Kong where the first hour is free?
#1 POSTED BY big red indian (3 yrs ago)
If they are free they are not busy: if they are not busy WHY? Free advice will be plentiful round the coffee table but otherwise it usually reflects the adage that such advice is worth every penny you've paid for it.

Big Red Indian
#2 POSTED BY beancurd (3 yrs ago)
I sent you the PM, to try the divorce lawyer.
#3 POSTED BY arlenedave (8 mths ago)
hi! if the ground for divorse is being separated for more than 2 years is it not necessarily for the respondent ti sign the petition? most especially if he cannot be reached anymore? need an advice. i'm planning to file a divorce here and i dont know where ti start. anybody can help me?

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