passport and child support

POSTED BY malka (3 yrs ago)
Check if he is on the list o the Dept of Health and Human Services.
#1 POSTED BY malka (3 yrs ago)
Means if owe $2500 or more, contact State involved, work out pmt plan, to be off the list before US govt will issue passport.
#2 POSTED BY malka (3 yrs ago)
Go here and click the state where he owes child support then follow other links or contact them about his case:
#3 POSTED BY malka (3 yrs ago)
You're welcome :)

I think your husband had best contact the agency himself for such specific questions.
#4 POSTED BY mmibaby1 (3 yrs ago)
Hi there, since we r in HK and pretty hard to get a good lawyer as we tried and no response. Any options or suggestions? Thanks again
#5 POSTED BY zoe cat (3 yrs ago)
I am sorry to hear that... 5 years?

My husband is a US passport holder living in HK, ignoring Singapore high court order of child maintenance for 3 years.


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