bollywood dance teacher

POSTED BY mils (7 yrs ago)
I ma looking to hire a bollywood dance teacher for a bollywood themed party in october. Does anyoner have any recommendations?

I would be for an hour.


#1 POSTED BY Geezom (7 yrs ago)
I know someone, she teaches Bollywood dance on Saturdays in Central and Wanchai. I will ask her if she's interested.
#2 POSTED BY mils (7 yrs ago)
great please let me know!
#3 POSTED BY tesla (7 yrs ago)
Janaki Nakka is very good. She's Indian and quite popular in Hong Kong. She teahes at Mey Jen Tillyers "Oasis Dance Studio" in Wanchai (near Pacific Place). Contact me privately if you want her contact details. (Better not to put them here.)

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