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Friday, 10/31/2014

Car/ driver or bus service to take my kids to school

POSTED BY travellust (6 yrs ago)

I live in Clear Water Bay. My two young girls are going to school in Kowloon Tong. I need to find a way to get them roundtrip to school safely. Any leads?

#1 POSTED BY neenib (6 yrs ago)

Do they go to AISHK? If so, there is a bus service to the school. If not, the bus company you should call is Kwoon Chung Motors Company (sorry, I don't have the number). But they basically look after all the schools in Hong Kong.

#2 POSTED BY yinhk (6 yrs ago)

Also, call the school. They either have a bus service connected to the school, or have private school buses that server the school

#3 POSTED BY travellust (6 yrs ago)

The bus service connected to the school has my kids sitting on the bus over three and a half hours a day. This is too much. I need to find better.

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