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POSTED BY dave edwards (6 yrs ago)
I have just moved to Hong Kong and need to furnish my home, a friend mentioned that there are companies in HK selling and renting second hand furniture which will suit me great, we have to move again in 6 months and I don’t want to spend a fortune, does anyone have the contact info for a company offering this type of service? Also I am looking for a good motorcycle shop to service my R1, are there any around Gold Coast/Tuen Mun?
#1 POSTED BY kardi08 (6 yrs ago)
A good place to start would be the cloassified section on this website.

Also search the Advice forums threads for second hand furniture threads.
#2 POSTED BY Ed (6 yrs ago)
#3 POSTED BY Totty (6 yrs ago)
I know of a mechinic, not local, but he would come and collect your bike to service.

Additionally, i have a desk for sale if interested?
#4 POSTED BY raffaella (6 yrs ago)
i m moving out from hong kong , so if you want i have furniture to sell,

contact me at

#5 POSTED BY wolfwagner (7 mths ago)
my suggestions could be helpful. I bought few pieces furnitures from one of the shops in Shanghai selling chinese furniture. if i remember clearly, its web-site name is who has lots lots of furnitures for selling. but very regretfully, i sold my furnitures in Kowloon apartment. hopeful, it will be good choise for you!

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