The 7-ELEVEn mystery

POSTED BY axptguy38 (6 yrs ago)
Interesting. I don't know why but it is a world wide thing. Perhaps an aesthetic consideration?
#1 POSTED BY SumYungGuy (6 yrs ago)
you might want to contact them:
#2 POSTED BY Oz Expat (6 yrs ago)
From a quick google search:-

But I expect it's just a marketing decision.

The trademark logo of 7-Eleven is all capital letters except the "n" is lower-case. There's an Urban Legend about it, saying the logo is designed considering the numerology or Feng Shui . Most 7-Eleven stores locate at the corner of the street (author: which is ideal for business according to Feng Shui). The small n acts as the magnet (shape) to draw in luck or money. Moreover, small "n" looks smoother and more comfortable than the big "N".

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