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Saturday, 11/1/2014

Children Friendly Dentist

POSTED BY qvong (8 yrs ago)

Can someone recommend a child friendly dentist. Preferably on HK Island.

Heard of a dentist in Coda Plaza. Anyone have and comment on them or who to use or know their phone number?

Thanks in advance

#1 POSTED BY ceeh (8 yrs ago)

There is a thread 'good and reliable dentist' in the medical forum where quite a few people recommend a child friendly dentist.

#2 POSTED BY crj (8 yrs ago)

Dr Poon is very expensive, but excellent. I have been going for years and our friend took his under 2 there rescently when she broke a tooth and he was great with her - but very expensive.

Poon, Anthony
Kwong, Peter K.
515-516, Prince's Building,
10 Chater Road,
Hong Kong
Telephone: 2526-2288

#3 POSTED BY petit (8 yrs ago)

Doctor Rabie, he is a Profesor of Orthodontics at Hong Kong University and attends private patients at Prince of Philip Dental Hospital in Hospital Road,HK Island. Excellent with children!

#4 POSTED BY mid-levels (8 yrs ago)

Health Dental Surgery
Dr. Chik Fu Fai
Suit 803A, World Wide House
19 Des Voeux Road
2521 4979

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