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POSTED BY choufleur (9 yrs ago)
OK guys, I know it's a lame question but if I don't ask I'll never know. Where can nice people meet other nice people for dating etc... e.g. which sports clubs, bars, etc? I have had the worst luck meeting people, any feedback would be great!


Vulvic (9 yrs ago)
HKFC for sporty types

choufleur (9 yrs ago)
Thanks for the feedback! I'm a mid twenties professional female so hoping to meet someone my age do I get involved in HKFC if I don't play any sports? I'm Buddhist but not very religious! though I like the idea of volunteering..

choufleur (9 yrs ago)
Thanks for the UPA tip. I know I'm lame and being single should be great but sometimes a girl just wants a cuddle from someone who cares... :(

paulm (9 yrs ago)
Interesting reading all of these. I'm a single guy just in from London. The only thing is everyone seems a lot younger than my 35 years. Is this considered old in HK? Where would one go to meet someone else and not feel a bit intimidated by all the 'youngsters'

shaq (9 yrs ago)
Paulm >> At 35, you're still very young, do don't be intimidated at all.

If you're into Chinese, Thai, Philippina and Indonesian chicks, then, you're on a favourable tuff. As far as I know, they check you white folks like 'me loving guiness'. Goodluck, my friend.

shaq (9 yrs ago)
Much as you pretend that skin color does not make difference, especially in HK, it's evidently clear that judgements are made with some respect to it. So, deal with it, and acceptance is the first step.... peace on earth :D

Helmet Chef (9 yrs ago)
I agree with Shaq.


balzac (9 yrs ago)
hey Shaq-are you taken?

shaq (9 yrs ago)
Balzac >> Taken? Hmmm ... not really. Interested? ... Hehehe :D

paulm (9 yrs ago)
Aijin, I was there at A the other week, as per your invitation. Was directed over to the far corner, near the back somewhere. It was very busy. Stood around trying work out who was who but gave up in the end. I probably saw you at some point. I was they guy looking a bit lost. Think I was there for well over an hour.


choufleur (9 yrs ago)
35 is not old at all. kopfan8888 you are sweet :)thanks.. btw whats the A, or is that too "inner circle"?

paulm (9 yrs ago)
A is the Armani Bar/Cafe in central

jessicasimpson (9 yrs ago) u want to meet local girls or non local girls???

best place to meet pple would be at work, or LKF!!

choufleur (9 yrs ago)
Err... I'm a girl! So I dont want to meet girls for dating!

Ahhh Armani Bar, was going to go there after the Black Eye Peas concert only to realise they moved the afterparty to Drop, what's Armani bar like, always wanted to go there!

jessicasimpson (9 yrs ago)
oh to meet guys in hk....sorry my mistake. that might be more difficult cos i heard there are more girlsin hk than guys ( since the guys ran off to mainland!!)...i guess get involved with a sports club...

paulm (9 yrs ago)
Armani bar is extremely pretentious. Full of some very good looking people and it's fair share of poseurs. Definitely frequented by a different clientele then you would find say in LKF. One of those places I think to go with a group of friends once in a while. Still if you like people watching, dressing up, good music it’s the place to go



Harimau (9 yrs ago)
Justin Credulous

Am curious... how do people sense desperation? What are the giveaways?

balzac (9 yrs ago)
body language, dress sense, eye contact, amount of make-up etc.


balzac (9 yrs ago)


Harimau (9 yrs ago)
Balzac - more details pls!!

Kofan888 - oh yeah

Momo8 - cool! :)

Harimau (9 yrs ago)
Thanks for sharing!

Harimau (9 yrs ago)
momo8 that is so funny... :) I bet you froth sexily.. Ha haaa

choufleur (9 yrs ago)
momo8 that is a sweet story! :) Guess I need to get out more and pretend that I'm already spoken for hehe!


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