POSTED BY twirly (6 yrs ago)
What's the latest?

Have you had it? Where? How was it? Results? Cost?

I'm thinking about it and need as much info as I can get, anything appreciated.




cookie09 (6 yrs ago)
i think there are some extensive posts made before.

i did it in 2003, it's the best investment of my life, paid 1200 USD and did it in the asian eye institute in the philippines.

twirly (6 yrs ago)
Hi Cookie,

Thanks for the reply.

I've read the previous posts, but I know the technology is constantly changing and I was hoping to hear from some more recent recipients.

Must be some out there!


cookie09 (6 yrs ago)
Indeed technology is important but not all. I would bet that more mistakes are made because of human errors rather than machine errors.

When i did mine it was Lasik 3 and shortly after they introduced Lasik 4. I have a friend who just did it very recently in Hong Kong, so if nobody else replies, please pm me and i put you in touch with her.


twirly (6 yrs ago)
Thanks again Cookie,

I'll take you up on that if nobody has any other input.



MarathonHK (6 yrs ago)
I had mine dones 6m at the Sanatorium in Happy Valley.

Cost was 20k HKD. YOu can get it for just over 10k HKD in KOwloon but that s using the scalpel to cut the cornea where s as Happy Valley also does that part with the laser.

Both are safe apparently but I just felt more comfortable with the whole process being done by laser. Most people I know went for this.

I am very happy with the surgery. I went from -6.00 to 0 (astygmatism -0.25 but will disappear apprently).

Recovery was very quick. I used the eye drops for 2 weeks and that was it. Haven t needed artificial tears or anything since.

The whole thing is so quick and easy that I would recommend it to anyone wearing glasses or lenses.

It s one iof the best things I ve ever done.


twirly (6 yrs ago)
Hi Marathon,

Thank you very much for the input, all very positive.

Can I ask both you and Cookie, did you have two eye tests 12 months apart prior to the op? If so were they exactly the same?



cookie09 (6 yrs ago)
i didn't as i made tests every few years and they always showed roughly the same. the 12m apart is more a US doctor ploy to protect them from tort laws if you ask me

twirly (6 yrs ago)
Hi Cookie,

You're probably right!


MarathonHK (6 yrs ago)
It was the same for me.. They jsut asked you if your vision was stable buit never asked for records.

You will though have a 3 to 4 hour check up where they ll run you through a series of tests tyo see if you can be operated,

twirly (6 yrs ago)
I guess there's no one else who wants to add anything so now I decide when and where.

Thanks again to both of you.



C Wong (6 yrs ago)
Sorry, just saw your post. I had it done late last year.

I paid 13k Kowloon side - Mongkok to be exact. My eye doctor used to practise at a public hospital and was very experienced.

Results were fantastic and no, they did not use a scalpel. Everything was done through laser.

My eye sight improved as well after the laser.


twirly (6 yrs ago)
Hi C Wong,

Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to try the Baptist Hospital in Kowloon Tong.

Thanks to all for your advice.


denisiel (6 yrs ago)
I'm interested in Lasik as well. Never had an opthamologist in HK. Can someone recommend who to go to for Lasik.

twirly - Why did you choose Baptist Hospital? Cost?


twirly (6 yrs ago)
Hi Denisiel,

I've had experience of the Baptist (not for eyes) and was happy with them, and my GP is a consultant there, so that gives me a level of confidence. I've thought about Thailand and elsewhere, but if there are any followup up visits or problems it's difficult. The price isn't the cheapest (18K) but its not expensive either. They have the latest technology too. I probably wont do it until March 2010 as I want to make sure my eyes have stopped changing.

Let me know what you decide or find out please.


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