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Wednesday, 1/28/2015

Interested in Bird's Nest

POSTED BY claudiatje (5 yrs ago)
Where in HK can I get Bird's Nest ????I do not mean the actual soup , I was thinking of taking it as a health supplement?
#1 POSTED BY Slammy (5 yrs ago)
Well, Watsons and Manning's sell birds nest in the soup version, so have you checked to see if they sell it as a health supplement?

And what about some local pharmacists, or Chinese herbal medicine shops?
#2 POSTED BY claudiatje (5 yrs ago)
Thank you....I was in Manning's and Watsons's but they all did not speak good english, I have the Chinese Name now written on paper and I can show them the next time, I will try out as well the herbal medicine shop.

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