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Wednesday, 9/3/2014

WANTED to find good orthodontics

POSTED BY yu1990111 (2 yrs ago)

Hi everyone,
I need to find a good orthodontics for my tooth treatment.
However, i found that many orthodontics have different degree of experience and knowledge. I think that it is very difficult for find good and cheap orthodontics. I guess that may need HKD35000 for whole treatment. I live in NT. Then, i perfer make the appointment of treatment in central. Whatever, i think central orthodontics good enough experience in technology segment.

$35000 make a treatment may impossible in central ??
I do some search in this morning, many orthodontics need to pay 45000+.
Or anyone can recommend someone to me?? Many thanks..

#1 POSTED BY hongkongunderdog (2 yrs ago)

Try Quality Health or Health & Care clinics in Central. There fee will be less than private practice offices but I am not sure if it is as low as 35K. Give them a call.

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