Sexual Health Clinics In Hong Kong

POSTED BY dawn13 (10 yrs ago)
I am looking for a sexual health clinic that is open on weekends in Hong Kong.. preferably Kowloon. I need to get some birth control pills. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!
#1 POSTED BY docboat (10 yrs ago)
any chemist will supply the OCP over the counter
#2 POSTED BY dawn13 (10 yrs ago)
Really? I don't need to see a doctor or get a prescription? Can I get any kind I choose? Also, can you tell me of a location of a chemist in TST area?

Thanks again for your help!
#3 POSTED BY MarissaB (10 yrs ago)
Watsons and Mannings sell OCP, it's not even over the counter - they just put it on the shelves usually right next to the condoms.

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