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POSTED BY Twinnie (9 yrs ago)
Can anyone recommend a good gynaecologist in Singapore. I gave birth (natural birth) to my son on the Gold Coast and the experience was excellent. We are planning to have our 2nd child here in Singapore, but I am worried that I cannot find a good Gynaecologist.


Pixar (9 yrs ago)
hi Twinnie,

U can try to contact Dr. Anne Hagerty at Paragon(9th Flr,).She's really nice. She also work at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard). Sorry I don't have her number with me now coz Im in Beijing but u can the hospital to find out.

Good Luck with the baby.

purplelady (9 yrs ago)
There are many good and reliable gynaecologist in Singapore that I've heard of from relatives and friends. I delivered my 2 children in Singapore by Dr Tan Wee Kim (Lady)in Thomson Medical Centre. She is very good and I was very comfortable asking any questions and doubts.

Would definitely recommend her personally!

Twinnie (9 yrs ago)
Thank you for the recommedation. I will check them out. With regards to Dr. Anne Hagerty, Pixar - did she deliver your baby? I may choose Mt. Elizabeth simply because we live close by? Do you know if the facility is really top notch like what they stated on the website?

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
Hi I recently had my baby in S'pore with Dr Joan Thong Pao-Wen At Raffles Hospital.

call 6311 1222 to make an appointment. She was recomended to me by my boss who had two children with her. My delivery was rather difficult as bubs went into posterior position. Dr Thong stay calm throughout (she was thinking she might have to do a C setion but bubs was a little inbetween, quite a ways down the birth canal so diffcult to do a C but still far enough up and in a bad position to puch her out) We ended up with suckon and forcepts and bubs was perfectly fine and the hospital was just wonderful. The maternity ward is carpeted so it' nice and quite and there was pleanty of staff on hand. I heard really good things about Ann Hagerty but she is incredibly busy and you apparently need to call before your appointment time to see when you should actually come in as she is usually behind schedual.

Twinnie (9 yrs ago)
Thanks Perthites, my husband and I thought about Raffles Hospital initially as my son sees one of the paeditrician and my husband had his nose operation there. But then we heard that Mt. E is the best one in town so we kind of changed our mind. Having said that, I was told the facilities there are good and fairly new as it's a new hospital. I think I will visit the two hospitals and see a couple of doctors at the initial stage to see whom I feel most comfortable with.

Wheelymate (9 yrs ago)
Hi Twinnie,

Pregnant women are well taken care of in Singapore by their gynaes with regular check-ups, etc. So in terms of professionalism and reliability, think you will be fine. What I think is more important is that you find someone who will be supportive of your birth plan. Birthing options like water births, doulas, etc might be more common in Western countries so if you are going for such options, you should check if your gynae is comfortable with that.

Good luck!!

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
Wheelymate makes a good point and i looked into that here and found that: waterbirths don't happen there is only one gynie who will do it but he wants two midwives and that is apparently very hard to arrange. My gynie was fine with a doula we had one in fact she met all my birth plan needs except for birthing off the bed. But again very few gynnies here that will go along with that there are a couple of male gynies if your interested in that i can give you the name of a group who have the info. I did Hypnobirthing and my gynie had never heard of that but had a meeting with my instructor and also invited the nurses from the hospital laong for an explination they were all very receptive to it. It's a good idea to see the hospitals first befre choosing your Dr good luck.

Pixar (9 yrs ago)
hi Twinnie,

I had my early check-ups with her(till abt 6 months)...then I moved to Hong Kong. She was great...gentle n experienced. I think she's been in Sg for abt 20 yrs....Mt.E is the best hospital to have a baby.


Syd (9 yrs ago)

I am new in Singapore, almost the same situation like Twinnie. Perthites, can you give me some info about the Hypnobirthing and the group you mentioned?

Thanks in advance

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
syd go to

This will give you all the info on Hynobirthing and the agency we used. Have a read and if you ahve any more questions just post me or email me.

Syd (9 yrs ago)
Hi Perthites, thanks a lot. It´s a very useful webpage. So, you had husband and Doula Ginny with you in the hospital?

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
yes she came to our house about 5hrs after my waters broke and then onto the hospital with us. She did leave fo a few hours later but came back when the obg said she'd be deliverying bubs in the next few hours.

Syd (9 yrs ago)
Hi Perthites, I tried to send you a mail, but its not working, anyway, thanks a lot for your help!

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
oh that might explian why a mail i sent to someone on the forum hasn't responded! umm would like to give you my home one but don't won't to encourage even more junk mail from other businesses. i'll try to send you one.

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
oh that might explian why a mail i sent to someone on the forum hasn't responded! umm would like to give you my home one but don't won't to encourage even more junk mail from other businesses. i'll try to send you one.

Perthites (9 yrs ago)
syd have sent you a private mail go to control panel and check inbox

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