Where to buy buttermilk

POSTED BY AdeleFrankle (7 yrs ago)

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy buttermilk? I saw it once years ago at CitySuper in a powder form, but haven't seen anything since.


#1 POSTED BY AimeeJ (7 yrs ago)
I have brought the fresh stuff at City Super fairly recently - Great might be worth a try as well, you can always call them first.
#2 POSTED BY Geezom (7 yrs ago)
I bought some at Olivers 2 weeks ago but it's not in the powder form it's in a box in the refrigerated section.
#3 POSTED BY crystal88 (7 yrs ago)
Saw it in IFC city super yesterday, ref section.

Can i ask how and what's the use of this?
#4 POSTED BY AdeleFrankle (7 yrs ago)
Hi! Thank you so much!

I make the most beautiful cheese and bacon bread with

buttermilk. If you want, I'll email you the recipe.

#5 POSTED BY ldsllvn (7 yrs ago)
oh yes, sounds lovely - please can I have rhe recipe? As for the buttermilk - yep, they always have it in Olivers
#6 POSTED BY AimeeJ (7 yrs ago)
May have the recipe please? Sounds lovely!

#7 POSTED BY crystal88 (7 yrs ago)
hi adelefrankle,

I've sent you a PM last week to ask for the recipe. If you can give it to me, i'll appreciate it. The bread sounds yummy. Thanks.
#8 POSTED BY sapphire26 (7 yrs ago)

Worth the effort! here's a small tip! Buttermilk is the most easiest thing to prepare as a drinkl or even for a recipe.:

Take a good amount of fresh plain yoghurt, add cold ice water, breaking the youghurt chunks and mixing it well(slightly thick liquid form or as us prefer). That's buttermilk, easy and fresh.It's used widely by Indians.

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