Need Indian food Cook & Recipes

POSTED BY sssa (9 yrs ago)
Does anyone need to cook for Indian food.

I have lot of Indian cooking experienc, I can cook all kinds of Indian food vegetarian and non vegetarian, like Palau,Biryani, Any meat curry, Fish curry, Tandoori Chicken,Paratha,Pakora, Samosa, Dahi Bara, Julebee etc. If you need me please mail me

at ( Thanks

#1 POSTED BY dazed (9 yrs ago)
Hi sssa, do you go to people's homes to cook and what are your rates please?
#2 POSTED BY sssa (9 yrs ago)
Thanks Dazed, yes I can go to people's house to cook there, rates-depend on food which kind.

If you interesed please mail me.
#3 POSTED BY sssa (9 yrs ago)
Hi Dands

mail me,thanks.

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