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Monday, 1/26/2015

laptop graphics card help!

POSTED BY Syed_Scorpio (3 yrs ago)
which computer/model and which graphic card it got ?
#1 POSTED BY Syed_Scorpio (3 yrs ago)
This laptop got a faulty nVidia graphics card

faulty means faulty in design

check if your product identification number is from the following then confirmed it is a faulty one

ES745AV; ES 746AV; ES817A; ES826AV; ES892AV;

EZ643UA; EZ644UA; EZ645UA; EZ648UA; EZ649UA;

EZ672UA; EZ674UA; EZ675UA; EZ676UA; EZ677UA;

EZ678UA; EZ679UA; EZ680UA; EZ681UA; GD275AV;

RD140AV; RD153AV; RK416AV; RK434AV

search google for nVidia lawsuit



if you get the card replaced it will fail again sooner or later specially if you do any graphic intensive work on watch HD movies on it it, brand new cards will also fail within a few months.

just take out the hard disk/ram sell the lcd and other parts on ebay, buy another computer and move on with life..



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