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Wednesday, 9/3/2014

Places to go in Lantau Island, Hong Kong

POSTED BY melpinhk (2 yrs ago)


If you catch the cable car from Tung Chung to Ngong Pig. Then catch a bus to the Tai O fishing village. IF you are there reasonably early i the day you can go on a baot to see the pink dolphins about HK$ 20. OTherwise you can just see the mongroves and the fisihgn village on stilits.
Then catch a number 1 bus from Tai o, this goes along the coast line. You can get off at Upper Cheung Sha beach to have a swim on one of our best beaches. Then either stroll down the beach to Lower Cheung Sha where the restaurants are situated.
Catch the number 1 bus to Mui Wo and have a drink at the China Bear before catching the Fist Ferry back to Central. Nice to get a beer and catch the ordinary ferry, which is a bit sower, but esp at sunset much more pleasant as you can sit outside and watch the view.

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