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POSTED BY ldsllvn (8 yrs ago)
Ed, it has not worked for a couple of days now... Anyone else is having problems with it?


Ed (8 yrs ago)
working on it

ken (8 yrs ago)
The search still not working for me. Also trying to look up old Living in HK threads from earlier in the year and unable to retrieve them.

Ed (8 yrs ago)
Our guys in SG should have something sorted by early next week. The very old code base is causing problems... we are in the process of completely rewriting all code on the sites... that will take a few months

Ed (8 yrs ago)
SG just completed some changes speeding the search dramatically - I am getting results in 5 secs or so... we will be testing again on the weekdays when traffic is peaking - hopefully the web making machine will stand up to the onslaught...

ldsllvn (8 yrs ago)
still not working.... :(

ldsllvn (8 yrs ago)
Ed, pulling my hair out by now - it is working but not coming up with anything relevant - for example am searching for previous threads on professional photographers, or family photographers etc etc - NOTHING! comes up with totally random stuff!! like every post with word "family" in it!!!!!!!!

Ed (8 yrs ago)
We have put the google search back on - the other search will be rebuilt as part of our site overhaul that is underway... its very old code and it is unable to handle the massive number of threads that have accumulated on these forums...

Thames (8 yrs ago)
The Search function still doesn't seem to be working - when is the new one being launched?

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