DELETING THREADS - partial deletion maybe better !



POSTED BY mayita (8 yrs ago)

I created a thread about Chinese visa, which was -if i may say so- useful for me as well as for others.... it has also been quoted on the main page, and lots of people answered or enquired in it.

It was stll in the 'leaving & moving to HK" thread last week, but seems to have been deleted in between...

I guess someone may have added an injurious or "unlawful" comment.

In which case, is it possible to delete only the injurious comment ?

In fact, i'm looking for some information about someone getting a One year multiple entry, but cannot find the thread anymore.

Is it possible to "reinstall it" bare the potentially "offending" reply by just one rude someone ?

Thanks in advance


Ed (8 yrs ago)
Hot threads on the home page change constantly - I doubt this was removed - you will have to search for it...

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